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TWaldon necesitaba un nuevo diseño de logotipo y lanzó un concurso de diseño en 99designs.

Un ganador ha sido elegido entre 102 diseños de 11 diseñadores freelance.


Cómo TWaldon comenzó su viaje en logotipos


UPDATE 8-18-08 RETRO World Designs ANY Other TAKERS?? Go For It! We have some great designs but what can you do? We would love to see!

New IDEA!! How about a design around the Ole Garage Sale Sign itself? Go RETRO with it - NO one has tried it yet and we would love to see some examples of it if you are game for a challenge?

The other thing we were asking for is If someone would like to try, I would like to see a graphic of a Woman/Mom holding garage sale items with her looking at the words as if she is looking for a new way to sell her garage sale stuff.

We have some REALLY Strong designs already but our customers are wanting more if you would like to join in the contest!

You could have a house graphic with mom standing next to it again holding the box with some other stuff at her feet and she would be starring at the as the answer to her dilema to get rid of her stuff for possibly more money and more opportunities to sell to people 24/7 365!

We are a start-up company very excited about this project and working with the very talented designers here on 99 designs.

This contest is for & which will be sites where you can list items for sale taking bids or offers for what you are selling in a very unique and fun and Dynamic format. You can do one or both if you would like. We will be choosing just one unless we get some really great stuff then we may choose two winners - one for each logo.

Think of a Casino/Las Vegas Environment Meets Game Show Maybe even Old Style Vegas feeling to this logo like a Retro or Modern Retro style a bit but certainly not limited to that at all. Get as Wild as you want or make it as Simple as can be.

I REALLY love Fonts like you see with Crispy Crème Doughnuts brand (LOVE their Colors too – Hint Hint!), or on old packs of gum type stuff, even old ads. Something really cool all around.

Nombre de la marca &

¿Qué te inspira y qué diseño imaginas para tu empresa?

We really want this to be a GREAT and FUN Brand so I will leave it up to you guys to see how creative you can get with this.

This Logo needs to have Major Marketing Impact. The Wow Factor should hit em in the face!! 

Fun Bold Colors - No Neons please - I really like Greens, Reds, Blues, Yellows, Oranges, Purples. And, I like Black and Whites too!  Red and Green would be a great place to start

Fonts and Graphics – Would love to see some Cool Retro Style type looks here. That 50’s/60’s advertising age stuff that is still cool to this day. They need to be Very Easy to Read however.

Target Audience - Women and Men of all ages looking for bargins and name brand stuff at Garage Sale Prices, Stay at home moms and dads wanting to get rid of clutter, die hard people who love to go to garage sales, people looking for a great deal on garage sale things mostly from the United States and Canada

Graphics should clearly convey what the site is all about but not be cluttered - Can be Cartoon like in Character but classic or Retro Classic- not cheesy :)

Logo Uses - I need to have this logo for use on the Website itself as well as for Business Cards and Marketing items like Signs, T-shirts, Mugs, Computer Bags etc. So I will be needing the various files to do all that stuff.

I am leaving it up to you guys and will be providing lots of timely feedback and will help any way I can. 

Must have Tag Lines - I would like the tag lines to read:

Sign Up for FREE Today!! 


Great Money Saving Bargins For Buyers - Super Fast Cash for Sellers!!

You can split these tag lines up however you need to so that  everything blends very nicely.

Or you could even ( and I just had this thought so – look out!!), split each of those tag line elements into the little feature/benefit statement ballons or bubbles out to the sides or in and around the logo itself if you have ever seen old style ads with those – Whatever you want to do give it a try!

Good Luck and we look forward to seeing some great desings.  I will be providing lots of timely and courteous feedback for you guys and thanks in advance for all your hard work! Best Regards, T.W.

IMPORTANT - The logo should also have two versions for us to use
1. with the TM symbol after the .com
2. with the R symbol after the .com

Lo que desea

- A REALLY Fun Logo with Cool Looking Easily Readable fonts
- Can have Cartoon Character look and feel to it or not - 
- Use Bold Eye Catching Colors that go great together  I love Blues, Reds, Greens, Yellows, Oranges, Purples Red and Green is a good starting place for this logo.
- We will need files for use on the Website and for Print on Business Cards, Marketing materials and Apparel
- We also need two versions of the Logo - one with the symbol (tm) after the .com  and one with the symbol (r) after the .com
- The Tag Lines as outlined above in the Description
- The ability to scale up or down as needed with no loss of clairity

No quieres

- Item 1...No Neon colors or Pastel looking colors
- No Hard to Read or Script Fonts

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