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Sales Bamboo Logo - We help Businesses Grow Fast

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Sales Bamboo (formerly known as

Descripción general

Our business magically transforms company, helping them win their largest accounts. 117 of 120 of our last clients have won their biggest account with us.
Yet, our brand looks...UNREMARKABLE:(

Our amazing track record of success doesn't happen by accident. We're a lot like bamboo. Bamboo often takes 5 years to build a root structure with no apparent sign of growth. Then, in a 24 hours span, black bamboo can grow 20 feet! YOu can cut and it grows back very fast, because of the root system.

Our training works because we manage expectations. We work on the real roots of the problem, fixing the business, before we try to get more sales. Make things better so customer refer you and have a strategic advantage.

That's the idea..and that's why we think Sales Bamboo makes a lot of Sense

So what does Sales Bamboo do? We are a consulting and training firm that helps individuals and salespeople increase sales. We provide strategic big deal consulting and tactical sales techniques. We also do recruiting and selection work, mostly in the areas of sales.

Our logo and look needs to convey that kind of sensibility with wow, pop...that kind of REMARKABLE predictable delivery!

REMARKABLE Sales Growth IS the promise but the message needs to convey building from your roots, building the infrastructure to support your growth. If a company invests their hard earned money with us, plays for the long term and is strategic vs convenient, they will get a great return back. The Sales Bamboo logo must deliver a compelling visual that supports growth through infrastructure, process and playing for the long term.

When you’re done, they need to get that we will help them build the infrastructure to grow very very fast.

How can you help prospects imagine what that would be like and help them realize that, predictably, we can deliver that?

Cuéntanos a qué tipo de público quieres llegar

Our logo design, color and typefont must be one that will appeal to our client and represent us well. Our clients are typically:

Private Equity and Venture Capital investors who own a portfolio of companies and want to see them grow dramatically to maximize their investments...or...

CEOs of 10 million to 300 million privately held firms

They most often started their company and they want to grow, grow, grow their business.

They take advice from consultants, read a great deal, and are usually in some CEO best practices group.

They have an executive team that works for them, not just supervisors.

They likely have a kindle or ipad and watch podcasts and read digital books.

They are decision makers who work with decision makers to make decisions.

They like change. They move fast. They are bold and challenging.

They are innovative, early adopters who want all the gains of first mover position.

They like to win.

They get frustrated with boring, expected, same old stuff of past.

They are skeptical of overpromises and hype


It’s imperative that our style needs to be reflected in the design icon and typefont you select.

Bamboo is fast growing idea that we're intrigued with...again, the key is the roots. Roots deep allow for maximum growth. How can you show that in a compelling way?

We are receiving some extraordinary logos now. WARNING: Teddy Bear pandas that attract your daughter will not attract a CEO

As we sort through ideas, we will sort them into the following buckets:

1. Sales Bamboo typography/style/weight etc

2. Sales Bamboo with Bamboo images

3. Sales Bamboo with Panda - CEO Style

4. All other iconography that involves Sales Bamboo


It's possible to win this logo contest in any of the 5 areas. Ideally, we'd like your best idea for each of the types of ideas above. Some designers will have great insight on an idea that won't resonate with customer but resonate with us and we'd hate to miss your OTHER genius ideas.

When in doubt, think of your best idea in one of the categories and submit it. Then, work another category instead of lots of version of one category.

Final ideas must help a very business like CEO IMAGINE that if they use us, their business success will happen faster, broader and more predictably. At the same time, it must help set the expectations that we will work hard on the roots, see little progress for a time and then experience growth. Much like a mother carrying a baby, the pregnancy's first months are where the most work are happening but there is little baby growth. Later months have major increases, but the hard work is already done.

What gives that visual of growth through roots/ infrastructure to you?

We are fond of simple graphics that have subtle genius. What you do with the reverse white space is as important as what you do with the ink.

The ten words that best reveal how we do things are listed below. Please make sure your idea fits the majority of them and is not at odds with any of them.

1)Candor..we say it like it is, to a fault.
2)Contribution…if we can’t help companies, we won’t take the work.
3)Spiritual…we believe in God but aren’t preachy - we’re going to strive very hard to do things with a higher conscience
4)Playful…we are fun. We have sense of humor and enjoy using it. No one will confuse us with dull.
5)Learning…I’m in a room with 6,000 books. We read, study and are experts that revere learning.
6)Adventure..everything we do comes with lots of adventure and we love taking on new things.
7)Creativity….we look at things differently, see things differently and enjoy the new ways.
8)Authenticity..we are vulnerable, real people who don’t pose or fake it.
9)Gratitude..we are thankful and thank often.
10)Generous…we underpromise, overdeliver and go the extra mile.

Logos we Love….Apple, Dreamworks, Disney (signature version), Run DMC, NBA, Target, Star Wars, Superman, Virgin, Air Jordan, FedEx, FedEx Home Delivery, Hartford Whalers, Mo Sleep, Jivespace

Colors. We don’t have a requirement but they need to make sense, the logo needs to work in black and white as well, and there shouldn’t be a ton of colors. You can pick up to three colors, and they can be Analogous, Complementary or Sector.

Green is an obvious choice but doesn’t have to be used. Green says GO, Growth, Money and Wisdom which all fit sales consultancy.

Red is interesting and not as obvious. Intensity and passion, SPEED, excitement, competition, aggressive, and action are things I like about Red.

Black is great power color.

We do not have a color expectation in terms of PMS…we do have an expectation that the color will POP and make sense, be compelling and that our customer will like it in context and want to wear it when we give them a gift.

Key Criteria:

Must grab attention. Quickly. Immediate…WOW. Then, reveal something not obvious at first.

Our acid test will be…will our customers want to wear shirts/hats with our logo?

Should be a logo that will be Classic and not irrelevant in 2 years. Basically, timeless look.

Need elegant, simple logo that looks good when printed small or in black and white.

Must not have too many details that get lost when shrunk down on business cards.

Final artwork should ideally be in vector art so we can use in diverse formats.

600 dpi resolution.

No gradients, transparencies or costly special effects that won’t print well.

Simple PMS Colors are better.

Typeface not to thin so won’t disappear if condensed.

No shadows. No screens.

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