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Need warm sexy simply elegant LOGO 4 French inspired home decor

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Nombre de la empresa

The French Trove "Our collection of seductively French inspired treasures for your home"

Descripción general

We are a husband and wife team, having a deep passion for France and the European lifestyle. Having traveled there several times, we decided to build our future life around our passion. As a luxury home builder we have designed and built beautiful homes. My wife, Slavica is a natural artist who has a very soft demeanor, is beautiful by most anyone's standards and has a personality that lights up the room! She is very artistic and wants to express herself and her style through a very warm, inviting, sexy online website that people feel embodies simple elegance. We want to brand Slavica (her nickname is Sally). The homescreen will have our logo and a very faint silouette of a naked woman. We want people to fall in love with Slavica; both who she is and her style. Again we want this to be a brand about Slavica. We both like the site however want our homepage to have a classy yet sexual feel. Almost a bit of a shy / reserved look... Here is a logo Slavica likes:…french.jpg She likes the idea of a mirror with an elegant frame with initials inside of the frame The French Trove or FT intertwined. A color combination that fits the above description using "linen", "burlap", "white", "black", light "sage" or a light "slate" color (light blue / grey).

Cuéntanos a qué tipo de público quieres llegar

We are targeting people who appreciate fine style of home decor and accessories. Women specifically, over the age of 30 years old. People / women that are looking for a "special look" and even more than that, a "feel" of a style. There are many people / women who are looking for a simple life, yet one that is made up of quality of all things (time with friends and family, interior decor, food, etc.) Many people search for "something" that is missing in their life, so we want to capture a look and feel using our logo, tag line and the soft colors - and verbiage we will add about Slavica, her site and her style - that makes people feel as if Sally understands them and has a style / experiences that people are searching for. We want the site to reflect her style yet also be inviting and affordable. We do not want something that is too fancy, intimidating or snobbish. Our audience is more of the middle and upper middle classes. The site and logo we mention before may be too "snobbish". We want to appeal to the majority of the people and is "down to earth". Two other sites that have a nice look and feel are and


We are looking for a logo that also creates a brand, with the brand being Slavica and her style. The name is The French Trove. The word trove means a collection of objects.. Our tagline is "Our collection of seductively French inspired treasures for your home". Her site will represent products that fit her style and may add a bit of romance to peoples lives and homes.

We do not want something too fancy or seems snobbish. At the same time we don't want something that is too simple and is underwhelming. Something that resonates / represents an artistic woman with fine style, a bit of sexiness and simple elegence. We want people to feel and think this is what is missing in their life and want to be a part of it.

No cartoons or anything "goofy".

The typeface should be clear, simple and bold. We want something that stands out. Again being careful not to be too fancy. Want to capture a warm, inviting and overall sexy feel with simple elegence.

If you look at this website and read about the business owner, we want to have our wording OPPOSITE. In our opinion she uses words to describe herself and her site that are "snobbish" and could actually turn people off. We want to achieve a warm feel accepting of all who appreciate fine style and decor.

We do not know the file type we need - it needs to be able to be shared with the people who will create the website and other items such as business cards.

***The font for "The French Trove" should be cursive, as if by hand. example is (love their products and style and colors). also see

****UPDATED INFO***think as if this site will be selling very sexy, yet classy, french lingerie. I think this will help inspire the design we are looking for!

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