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Whimsical corporate logo for iPhone/iPad app developer

Jon Tara necesitaba un nuevo diseño de logotipo y lanzó un concurso de diseño en 99designs.

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Cómo Jon Tara comenzó su viaje en logotipos

Nombre de la empresa

Watusiware Corporation

Descripción general

Watusiware Corporation is a small (one-man) company developing unique iPhone/iPad applications.

I am an experienced (35 years) software developer who has written pioneering software in such diverse areas as embedded systems, computerized numerical control, statistical modeling used to help design products from cars to disk drives to fighter aircraft, and high-frequency stock trading.

My biggest strength is pulling together knowledge from multiple disciplines in unexpected ways - software that I write often could not have been written by anyone else, because nobody else has the particular combination of unique and sometimes bizarre experience, which I almost always seem to find a way to leverage.

I'd like to bring that expertise to the iPhone/iPad app marketplace, where such experience and expertise seems sorely lacking.

I have zero artistic ability, some decent design sense, and have had the pleasure of working with some incredibly talented designers (most recently at Sony Corporation). In the very early days of the web, I helped designers who produced some of the very first online catalog sites (3M, 3Com, Tesco) to grasp the technical constraints of the fledgling web (mainly, by pounding the "airbrush" print-media mentality out of their brains...) I had a grandmother who did pastiche paintings. I had a "Picasso" - the clown, if you must know - hanging in my room as a child. She painted this for me, as her own home was full of "Dutch Masters" paintings. I have a sister who encouraged me to spend a great deal of time wandering around the Detroit Institute of Arts, particularly the modern art collection (and lunch under the Diego Rivera murals). My point (there's a point?) is that I've been exposed to great art. (But I'll be happy with good design.)

I can't produce artwork, but "I know what I like", and particularly what I don't! I like to work with a designer interactively. I will make suggestions - you make magic.

I'm hoping that this will be the first of many great 99Designs experiences. I'm good at "I like that!".

Cuéntanos a qué tipo de público quieres llegar

This is an over-all corporate-identity logo. It won't get prominent placement (probably just on the splash screen and App Store page) in my apps, each of which will be separately-branded. My target audience for apps is fairly broad and diverse, so try not to focus on what the apps do, but on the whimsical name. I want my customers to recognize the logo, remember another Watusiware app that they have or have heard of, and say to themselves "why, this is another fine app from Watusiware!", and hit the Install button. It will need to be simple to evoke quick recognition in a small space with minimal exposure time.

The logo will also be used for business cards, letter head, etc. for communicating with vendors, potential partners, consultants, designers, etc. These will be an additional design project later.

I have a memorable corporate name - now I need a memorable logo!

Watusiware is focusing on three broad areas in the iPhone/iPad app market:

1. Location-aware applications that have some social-networking aspect. Some of these involve food/beverage/entertainment.

2. Applications that help leverage the portability of iPhone/iPad to automate or streamline the operation of small businesses. Food/beverage is a particular emphasis here, as well as any kind of business where individuals act as independent contractors and/or are constantly on the move or on their feet.

3. Utility applications for use by other software developers.

Watusiware is specifically NOT interested in developing gaming apps.


I am seeking a corporate logo that incorporates the company name "Watusiware Corporation" and incorporates symbolism representing one (not both) of the following playful associations:

1. The horns, head, or body of the Ankole-Watusi cattle breed


2. The Watusi, a 1960's dance fad

Historic footage:

Modern, showing the dance moves:

Please research these before submitting your design. Although this is not a requirement, the symbolism might be incorporated into one or more of the letters of the company name: for example, perhaps having the horns of the cattle extending from the tips of the "W".

Please do NOT incorporate any of the following in your design: an iPhone, an iPad, an apple or any stylized representation thereof, the Myriad typeface or any similar typeface, colors typically used by Apple Computer, or ANYTHING suggestive of Apple Computer's branding. Any of this is disallowed by Apple. And please, I don't need to see what it will look like on an iPhone screen or as an iPhone application icon.

I want elegant but playful. Simple and versatile enough to be used on splash screens, business cards, and letterheads. Keep in mind it is NOT intended to identify a particular application, but a company.

- .ai (CYMK)

- renderings as .png and layered .psd (RGB) in 3 sizes to be determined

- characters to be outlined

- no stock images

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