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Design a new wine label - top 5 get a case of wine!

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We are a new organic wine company producing wine from nutrient rich, healthy fruits (no grapes! think pomegranate, blueberry, acai). We're looking for creative designers to create a unique and modern label. Our name, Logical Wine, comes from our common sense heartfelt belief that treating the earth with respect and enjoying ALL of nature's best tasting, healthy fruits is just logical. Our company tag line is "wine is more than grapes." Winner gets $500, top 5 designers receive a free case of wine (12 wines; retail value $240) subject to local laws/regulations.

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Logical Wine

¿Qué te inspira y qué diseño imaginas para tu empresa?

We're a new startup company with just an idea and cases of great tasting wines. To us, the world has so many varieties of fruits that it's just logical to make wine from the world's best tasting, healthiest, organic fruits. We are making a whole line of fruit wines, but don't think sweet and syrupy; think fresh, dry, healthy. antioxidant rich and damn good tasting (strawberries, pomegranate, blueberries, mango).

Honestly, we don't have much of an idea on how the labels will look. You can do something simple, clean, vibrant and contemporary or something totally different and unique (still very modern and new).

We will be on this site constantly giving feedback and working with the designers to help shape the idea. After picking the winning designs we will reach out to the designers that best approximate our vision to help with further design themes for logo, literature, t-shirts, web site etc.

Just remember we are organic, healthy, and eco-friendly. Our name was originally ecoLogical Wine, a double entendre describing our beliefs in being eco-friendly and our logical approach to winemaking. We've since simplified it to Logical Wine.

We are looking for one central theme through all of our flavors. So you can do one design where we simply change the color and picture. Or if you are doing a theme that requires a completely new illustration for each style (like circus characters) than please show 2 or 3 of the styles.

Feel free to use stock illustration or photo’s (from a site like but just let us know the cost to purchase the illustration/photo. We are happy to pay for those rights assuming the cost is not too exorbitant.

Here is a link with some great modern wine label designs:…signs-1808

DON’T FEEL CONSTRAINED BY ANYTHING! If you have a wild, creative idea you can always submit a basic mock up and I’ll let you know if it’s on track.

We are even open to bottle colors/designs. The actual color of the wines vary but most look like chardonnay. Only a couple are red colored like blueberry.

Lo que desea

- In entry#23, Vlad_z9 came up with the tag line 'fruit is more than grapes'. We have altered that to be "wine is more than grapes". We have compensated vlad_z9 for the inspiration and now everyone is welcome to use that tag line. It is absolutely not necessary to use a tag line in a design but if you use one, it should be "wine is more than grapes" If you have a submission with the old tag line "Live Smart, Drink Smart" you do not need to redo it. You can just change it later if the design is chosen.- You do not need to use the word Wine in our name. You can just write Logical. In many designs it stands out better without the Wine after it.- We will need to have some room for UPC Label, government warning and alcohol content. This can be on the same single label or you can have a second label on the back for this mandatory info.- Snce most of our wines are light colored, please show your design on a light color bottle. Here are some examples:'s one with a couple colors since our wines will have a few shades: pictures are just to understand the COLOR of the wine. The shape of the bottle is open to the designer. Most bottling companies carry a huge selection of stock bottle designs so as long as your idea isn't too far from the norm (like a turtle bottle), we can probably find a stock bottle that resembles it very closely and won't need to do custom work. - Ratings and feedback, Initially we will not be using the star system. I really want to encourage unique individual ideas and sometimes when using stars, all the designers tend to start moving their ideas towards the 4 and 5 star concepts. Instead I will try and give individualized feedback on each design. It may sometimes take a while to get you individualized feedback because I am constantly running all the designs by test groups to get reactions. Probably about halfway through the contest we may start using stars and eliminations to narrow the field but at the beginning we don't want to limit creativity.

No quieres

- I see some people going in the direction of math/science. That's not the connotation of logical that we mean. Our name was originally going to be eco-logical to denote our earth friendly beliefs and the logic behind our concept. Our logical mainly has to do with a softer logical; living a healthy life, treating the earth and the environment with respect, using nature's nourishing antioxidant rich fruits to enhance our lives.You can do something intriguing and clever. Or if you are going to do something that is straightforward then think more Apple/Mac style, web 2.0, clean, contemporary with crisp images.If you have any questions, feel free to ask. This is important to us so we are here to help anytime

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