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PAGE DESIGN: Book for College Graduates

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I am nearing completion of a qwik-tips book for new college grads which covers career, money, and life skills. The main content of the book is presented in a fast-reading, action-item list in bulleted format.I want to include expert advice in the form of brief quotes here and there throughout the book. What I need is a two-page layout: quotes on the left, main content on the right. Read the entire contest brief and look at the sample documents before working on your entry. The book will be 6" x 9".

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QwikSmarts™ Take Charge™ book series

¿Qué te inspira y qué diseño imaginas para tu empresa?

I have written a book for new college graduates that provides advice and tips on about 150 topics from careers to money handling to everyday life issues like time management, living with roommates, and home organization.

All the tips in the book are presented as action-item, bulleted lists so the readers can find what they need fast, and have specific things they need to do, rather than reading page after page and not finding anything helpful that they can do right now.

The front cover of the book has been selected already (see it here: 


Most of the topics in this book fit on just one page so it's super-quick to get the info. That means that the information on that topic have been painstakingly edited to make sure it fits on just one page. Please use the sample text provided here (http://realsolutionspress.typepad.c…20text.doc) to create the right-hand page for your entry.

Though it seems like there is little room for creativity on that right-hand page, it is still crucial that it flows and is consistent with the tone set by the front cover of the book. The most creativity will come on the left-hand page where the various quotes will be. A few sample quotes for you to use in your design can be found here:


Make note of the colors and fonts used on the front cover when choosing what you'll use for the page design (body text, quote text, header/footer, etc.).

The book is now in MS Word but can be moved into PageMaker 7.0, if that will allow more creative layouts that I can duplicate and manipulate myself as I finish the book. That is a major requirement of this contest: I will have to be able to take the winning design and finish up the 200-page book myself. If you use advanced features of some sort and yours is the winning design, you will need to include a little training to be sure I can recreate the design at my end.

This is a work-for-hire project, so the winning designer will release rights to the design to me to use in this book (print and electronic versions).

The book will be 6" x 9".

Lo que desea

- I want a layout that is pleasing and friendly and easy to read. Remember that the audience is new college graduates, so we're talking young twenty-somethings.
- The right-hand page must be the action-item bulleted list format. Use the sample page I've provided. The text on this page must fit on your page (including any headers/footers).
- The bullets used on the right-hand page don't necessarily have to be the checkmarks you see in the sample document, but you'll notice that the checkmarks are used on the front cover, so there will have to be consistency between the two somehow.
- The left-hand page must be for the expert advice quotes. There will be a minimum of two and perhaps as many as four. Use the sample quotes I've provided.
- The inside margins must be a little larger than the outside margins so the text won't get lost down in the middle of the book.
- I must be able to duplicate and manipulate the design myself in either MS Word or PageMaker 7.0 in order to complete the book.
- I would like to see the layout in both color and black-and-white, because the book will be printed as well as turned into an ebook. Take notice of the colors used on the front cover to create a consistent look.
- The book will be 6" x 9".

No quieres

- I don't want something that I cannot recreate and manipulate myself in Word or PageMaker. The book is 200 pages and I expect to have to recreate the left-hand quote page about 25-30 times.
- I don't want the quotes page to be crammed full. It needs to have much more white space than the right-hand bullets page.
- I don't want a design that I will not be able to work with on my own to finish the book. A great-looking design that I have no way of re-creating will be pretty useless to me.
- I don't want any other page size than 6x9.

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