Create the next big brand among Green Power Transportation Vehicle

Best entrepreneurs,
To start up their new business in a bransh where every day counts for success and still do not have a clue about how your logo and brand should look, seemed like an impossibility.
When we found we got a light in the tunnel, but was far from certain that this would belong to one of our better "investment".
Felt furthermore not cheap ensured that the result was unwise.
Expect 40 proposals, working with the designer about the look and colors ...
We eneded up with + 130 proposals and felt unsure of our choice during almost the entire period of 3 days, since the number of good suggestions were above expectations.
RZCA / Dede gave + 15 suggestions after a lot of feedback and comments from our side, it all ended up with his first proposal, which was # 2 our contest.
RZCA show great patience, dedication, and is really good service oriented.

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