Wow! Theother31 did an awesome job on my book cover! Dee was great to work with, and really took my advice, listening to everything I said I wanted. As an author, the first impression of all the thousands of words I have written is in the artwork on the cover. This designer dug deep to capture the feel, and look I was going for, and made changes quickly, taking all my leads and researching to make this perfect! I would advise all designers to take this approach, and please take the time to read the design brief. I can’t tell you how many submissions I got with men in polo tee shirts with cars in the background, even though my request clearly stated I need a "historical romance set in 1838, London"...However I am sure those designers will not read this either, thus, remaining in the dark, and giving true artist like theother31 the right to shine! I would, and will work with this designer again! Congrats, and cheers to all the great designers who made it to the final...Proving hard work, and talent always wins!


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