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My name is Marko.
I enjoy creating vintage and illustrative designs.

I'm available for 1-to-1 projects, please feel free to invite me.

Miembro desde: 20 de marzo de 2013


"Great to work with! "
Foto del perfilehudmets
"Marko's very talented, very artistic, very professional, very patient & very quickly responsive! Whole work was done exactly how I wanted it to be and I can not recommend him more! Thanks Marko "
Foto del perfilabdelrahmansaudi
"thank you for your work"
Foto del perfilmichael.hasenaer
"Very supportive with excellent quality to understand customers test. "
Foto del perfilhodkinsonblake
"Very creative and well-executed designs. Great response time! "
Foto del perfilrachelrt
"Great designer. Patient and talented"
Foto del perfilteddy.beadle
"Nailed it agian🙌🏻😎"
Foto del perfiltwingster
"Beat designer in the business"
Cliente anónimo
"Neatlines is perfect in every way. He has done so much for me i couldnt ask for more. I consider him a friend of my family forever!!"
Foto del perfilHumboldtscience
"Quick Turnaround, Great Looking Design, Freindly Guy to Work WIth"
Cliente anónimo
"Did a great job. Very responsive."
Cliente anónimo
"Neatlines is an amazing designer I was very pleased with the designs. "
Foto del perfilambazzy
"good job by the designer. Did everything i asked him to do."
Foto del perfilcody.rickaway
"The most impressive thing about this project was the evolution of the logo, which was forged through close collaboration. I will definitely look to work with Neatlines again in the future.."
Cliente anónimo
"The iteration process and responsiveness was great. Neatlines came up with a creative and memorable design that met my needs. Highly recommended."
Foto del perfilfrannyninja
"Neatlines was very creative and responsive. He skillfully guided us through the process which was a real pleasure. I would definitely work with him again.."
Cliente anónimo
"Amazing work and very responsive. I couldn't have asked for a better designer!"
Foto del perfilbackpackscience
"Neatlines was very patient with my feedback and each round came back with awesome designs that just continued to get better. And he was not shy to give multi-variations within the creative reviews. "
Cliente anónimo
"Nobody is better. Neatlines for president!!! I love this guy like family"
Foto del perfilHumboldtscience
"The best of the best. Makes life so easy. Neatlines is by far and away my favorite designer"
Foto del perfilHumboldtscience
"Neatlines is perfect, great to work with and an amazing designer"
Foto del perfilHumboldtscience
"Another great job!!!!"
Foto del perfiltwingster
"Neatlines went above and beyond helping me on my first 1-on-1 project. Very patient and friendly. I would highly recommend Neatlines to anyone. "
Foto del perfillitgaminglounge
"Great attention to detail!"
Foto del perfilRYANW0
" Marko did an incredible job, he immediately understood what I wanted to have as a design. Always listening to the slightest urge and very friendly"
Foto del perfiljohn.cz
"Neatlines is always a pleasure to work with from beginning to end! I appreciate his commitment to communicating thoroughly and exploring each concept to its fullest potential. I highly recommend!"
Foto del perfils.adri
"Asked Neatlines to make me a slap with no input from me. He killed it! Will use his services again."
Foto del perfiltwingster
"Nailed it again !"
Foto del perfiltwingster
"What can I say. Neatlines hit it right on the mark. Marko has a great ability at taking what's in the head and get it on paper looking good. Will use his services agian "
Foto del perfiltwingster
"Neatlines did a fantastic high-quality job from start to finish. It was very easy to collaborate and develop the perfect logo together. I was extremely impressed by Neatlines' ability to interpret my vision and build upon it with excellent suggestions..."
Foto del perfils.adri
"Neatlines is easy to work with and an amazing talent. Always happy"
Foto del perfilHumboldtscience
"Neatlines is amazing. Made all the changes i wanted and did a great job as always. I highly recommend him he was awesome"
Foto del perfilHumboldtscience
"Neatlines was one of the most helpful designer i ever worked with. He was very quick with sending changes that i wanted and didn't take my advice as degrading for an artist. He was easy to work with. I would definitely work with him again. Thanks ne..."
Cliente anónimo
"Great job, gave me exactly what I wanted!"
Foto del perfilcorderorj
"Marko is a very intuitive designer and quickly honed in on what type of design we were looking for. He submitted high quality designs and was not concerned about making changes. He really went above and beyond and gave us great results. Thanks Marko,..."
Foto del perfilhighland.soap
"Great designer to work with. Very patient and detail oriented. "
Foto del perfilRYANW0
"Neatlines did a great job with our logo! Not only do we love the design, he was very receptive to our feedback and went above and beyond producing multiple variations for us to review. We look forward to working with him again. "
Foto del perfilcasey8R
"Great job! Really worked with us to get what we wanted."
Foto del perfilridgerunnerdistillery
"Marko is a great designer. He does wonderful work and communicates very well. He submits many of his own creative ideas while also managing to take complex ideas submitted to him and masterfully creating the design. I will absolutely continue to wor..."
Foto del perfilStevenmhook
"This billboard design is unique!!! Thanks Marko for your limitless creativity and patience ! You are definitly the best :D !!!"
Foto del perfila.bousfiha.a
"It was really nice and exciting to work with Marko on the label design for the products of my brand Néozine. He was very attentive to my needs and my thoughts. He's simply the best !!!!!!!!!!"
Foto del perfila.bousfiha.a
"Marko is definitly the best !!!! "
Foto del perfila.bousfiha.a
"Look at this stunning and luxury label !!! Thanks again Marko for your limitless creativity and your patience :). "
Foto del perfila.bousfiha.a
"It's definitely the best label design I've ever seen for Oranger Blossom Water. Thanks Marko. You're still the best !!!!"
Foto del perfila.bousfiha.a
"I love the pink in this label. And the illustration is just perfect like usual :D ! "
Foto del perfila.bousfiha.a
"Marko has and endless creativity and inspiration!!! Thanks again :)"
Foto del perfila.bousfiha.a
"Great job as usual! :) Marko still the best! :)"
Foto del perfila.bousfiha.a
"Helpful, fast and always quick to get back to you with requested changes and suggestions. If you get the chance with work with Neatlines, take it. They do top of the line professional work. Every second of the project was a delight. Nothing but professi..."
Foto del perfilvideofishbowl
"Perfect as usual. This is my second product with a unique illustration for Castor Oil !!!"
Foto del perfila.bousfiha.a
"Like usual, Marko is the best!!! After the amazing logo he made for my brand ''Néozine'', he is making for me the best label design !!! And it's still going on ..."
Foto del perfila.bousfiha.a
"Great job done quickly. "
Foto del perfiltwingster
"Excellent work as always"
Foto del perfiltwingster
"Another winner. Can't say enough about this artist"
Foto del perfiltwingster
"Once agian he nailed it. "
Foto del perfiltwingster
"I described what I wanted and Neatlines nailed it first try. Awsome!"
Foto del perfiltwingster
"This is my 3rd project with this artist. Will be back agian."
Foto del perfiltwingster
"It was a great pleasure to work with Marko. He is very creative, patient and professional. It was very nice to work with him. He made the logo of my brand unique and timeless. Thanks again "
Foto del perfila.bousfiha.a
"Neatlines is incredibly professional, flexible, and creative. He was considerate of our requests and made accurate and interesting modifications based upon our feedback. He provided the perfect balance of professional adaptability and artistic creativ..."
Foto del perfilmaurissa
"Business card design. Finished it in 1 day. Great response time and design ideas. "
Foto del perfiltwingster
"I discovered Neatlines by viewing past logo designs. He had some great artwork that caught my eye so I invited him to my logo contest. He let me know right away he was going to work on something. He submitted his design and although it wasn't exactly..."
Cliente anónimo
"Another great job! This is the 2nd contest Neatlines has won with me. Listens well and comes up with great suggestions. The only artist that did the research on the torch type I wanted. Attention to detail and willing to go the extra mile win it every t..."
Foto del perfiltwingster
"Great guy to work with! I was clueless about what I wanted. Neatlines basically walked me thru the process took my input and came out with a great design. I immediately invited him to my latest project and of course his design is leading the pack. I h..."
Foto del perfiltwingster
"He's the best - very creative, patient and responsive. Could not recommend him more highly. "
Foto del perfilinfo Ot22
"I invited Neatlines to my contest based on his portfolio and testimonials which show him to be 'talented, trustworthy and intelligent'.  Now that the contest has concluded, I can qualify his additional attributes as being 'patient, warm, classy, respect..."
Cliente anónimo
"Worked great with me and did exactly what i asked of him and much more. Logo came out perfect and was a very easy guy to work with. Very inteligent and imaginitive designs with tons of good ideas. Thanks to him so much. Very appreciative"
Foto del perfilHumboldtscience
"Neatlines immediately separated himself from the pack by bringing an outside-the-box approach to our logo contest. He clearly took time to think deeply about the design brief and how to personify the Vibrant brand in logo form. The symbolism of a rooste..."
Foto del perfilMark Donohue
"Neatlines was fantastic to work with! He was very professional and quick to reply to questions and revision requests. He worked with me to develop a design that I love and went above and beyond in providing me with multiple versions of the winning desi..."
Foto del perfilchristina.hogarth j