Setanta5. What can I say. Hands down best person we've worked with. Crazy responsive. Extremely high quality work. He will bend everything to get to you your perfect design. No complaints like other designers, amazing pieces. I would highly recommend. We want him all to ourselves. If I could hire him full time, I would. Even gave us bonus work which he really was not obligated to do. You can just tell he's the type of top quality designer who comes up with amazing designs and works hard tuning and tweaking it to make it your perfect piece. By the end our project he was the unanimous choice. We had two projects and invited him to the second one. He still took the cake. He's that good. Can't say enough good stuff about him. Great guy to work with - on the ball all the time. No one has come close to his work style in my opinion. Even the handoff was a very pleasant experience. Gave us everything we needed and more just in case we forgot. 11/10. Stay awesome, Setanta5!

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