The experience working with Singaraja was extraordinary. Not only was the quality of work outstanding, but the level of cooperation, patience, and professionalism was far above what I ever expected in such an arena.

Besides being just artful and clever, Singaraja's work has the rare ability to evoke an emotional response through a simple logo. From my perspective, this is a rare and invaluable quality.

Our situation was a challenging one, perhaps even a designer's nightmare. We had plenty of specific requirements on what we did not want in a logo, but no real idea of what we did want. Plus we work as a team, so each design had to be ratified by an entire group of people with various opinions and sensibilities.

Singaraja really listened to our needs, leaned about our company, and produced a seemingly endless supply of ideas until we finally settled upon what we needed.

It was a genuinely inspired experience, and I would recommend Singaraja to anyone in a heartbeat.

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