Saluki desert

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Saluki desert It's part of a group The Aseel Arabian Saluki plays an important part in our heritage and cultur as Bedouins have relied on these precious hounds for hundreds of years, enabling them to survive under the harsh conditions of the desert. The Arabian Peninsula - and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia occupying the largest part of the Arabian Peninsula - is the homeland of the Aseel Arabian Saluki.

In this context, we are pleased to inform you about an exciting heritage project of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – the establishment in the Kingdom of the International Aseel Arabian Saluki Center (IAASC) licensed on 30th September 2013 on the basis of a Royal directive and Animal Resources Regulations. Consequently the World Aseel Arabian Saluki Organization (WAASO) and the Kennel Club Union (KCU) were also established as non-governmental organizations for intangible heritage.

Our mission:
The IAASC is dedicated to:
Protect the aseel Arabian Saluki from extinction which is being endangered through crossbreeding as part of the heritage since time immemorial of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Upholding the integrity of its Registry, promoting the sport and breeding for type and function of the aseel Arabian Saluki.

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