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Bove Audio, a small Audio firm- needs clean simple modern design

bove necesitaba un nuevo diseño de papelería y lanzó un concurso de diseño en 99designs.

Un ganador ha sido elegido entre 252 diseños de 42 diseñadores freelance.


Cómo bove comenzó su viaje en papelería


UPDATE 8/30: I will not have time to review the designs and give feedback today. The contest has been extended so that we have time to carefully complete each entry. Hopefully, we will not need the full two extra days to wrap this up.

NOTE 8/26: I wanted to share a link to a website with a number of very nice examples of Clean Simple Modern designs. You may find some inspiration here:

UPDATE 8/26: "Logo-Text" guidelines changed, please refer to brief. Designs using the supplied logo will be accepted.

UPDATE 8/25: Please refer to the end of the Design Brief for some creative guidelines. Thanks!


I'd like my company logo enhanced with great text, along with a great clean and simple design for business cards, a CDR, and stationary!

This contest is for a small audio production business. I have a nice website, colors, and logo, and I'm excited to see your design for business cards and logo text. The company, Bove Audio, is a small audio production firm, which specializes in high quality mobile audio recording. Our customers are generally classical and jazz musicians, who will appreciate your awesome design!

We're looking for a clean, simple, stylish design for these materials.

I will give a lot of feedback, I'm very excited about seeing the designs, and I'm looking forward to carefully commenting on each one!

Nombre de la marca

¿Qué te inspira y qué diseño imaginas para tu empresa?

2/26 UPDATE:

I really appreciate everyone'scontributions... I feel lucky to be working with each of you!

After viewing and considering all theconcepts presented so far, I have clearer ideas about the type ofentry that will emerge as the winner of this contest. In an effortto keep things focused on this goal, I'm adjusting the “logo-text”aspect of the brief.

I think that the logo should onlyinclude the word “bove”, displayed with the supplied logoimage(s). After seeing all the ideas over the past few days, I thinkthis will make a tighter design in the end. Please keep it simple,but be creative with the text and make it interesting and stylish. Black text is preferred. Sans-Serif fonts are welcomed. Hand-drawnor connected text is welcomed.

The supplied logo text is a customizedversion of Myrad Pro. If you do not feel that the current logo textand logo can be improved upon, I would invite you to use the originalunaltered logo to create an excellent design for a b-card, CD ,letterhead, and envelope. Don't worry, excellent designs whichinclude the supplied logo will definitely be considered!

There will be situations where I willneed to display the words “Bove Audio” (and sometimes the sloganas well) along with the logo, and you should show me how to do thatwith your design of the b-card, stationary, and CD.

For those of you who wish to interpretthe logo with a little or a large amount of creatively, I encouragethis! I will monitor your concepts and continue giving feedback. As we approach the deadline, I will let each of you know what willgive you the best chance to win... presenting the materials with yournew logo creation, or presenting them featuring the original logo.

Please send me a message if you haveany questions. Thank you very much! -Andy


I'll be judging the contest primarilybased on the quality of the logo text and the business card.

The design should complement my current website, logo, and color scheme, and reflect my company's dedication to high quality, "Detailed, Clear, Musical" audio recording.

To Do:
- Add Text to current Logo- BusinessCard- CDRDisc Design- Letterhead,Envelope- Favicon(optional)Details:

Add Text to current Logo

I have a nice logo, but I'd like the option to use thelogo with more text. If you can improve on the current text, I'd like to see it. Alternatively, if you can figure out how to display the extra text without adjusting the original logo, you could leave the logo alone, and simply and show how you would display it using the text variations below.

I'd like three versions of text added:

“bove audio”


“bove audio” also including thesmall slogan: “Detailed, Clear, Musical.”

(Note: All Lower Case text not required. These are all fine: Bove Audio, bove audio or BOVE AUDIO)

I like the current colors, and the birdimage; but you are welcome to adjust the image if you feel that itimproves the logo. I'm open to looking at enhanced or upgradedversions, or even something else if your idea is really awesome, but I do like the simplicity of thecurrent image, and making the text look perfect is most important and youshould focus on that.

I'll also be happy to consider entries using only part of the logo graphics, such as just the text bubble, and not the bird. Example here:…xample.jpg

Business Card

The business card is also veryimportant to me. Two sided, featuring my logo, with a clean look andcolors to complement my website. It can be vertical or horizontal.

Use the following details:

Andrew Bove

Producer ·Audio Engineer

Telephone: 917.226.1646

Fax: 503.217.5852


For the info above, small icons arepreferred to the whole words. Or or possibly the initials: T F E.

CDR Disc Design

The CDR Design should feature the logoand most of the colors, but the design may only include 3 colors plusthe shiny silver of CD.

Include this info:


The disc also needs an area to write on thedisc later with a felt tipped marker:





3 checkboxes labelled CD Audio, CD Data,Master

If you need them, CD design templates with info for various programs are here:



Letterhead and Envelope

A matching Letterhead and Envelopedesign will be great, although this is not at all as important as thelogo text and business card. Keep it clean and simple.


I also would like an improved Faviconfor my website. 16X16 pixel 8bit color PNG ,GIF or ICO. (I made onemyself, you can see it on my website, but I'm sure you can dobetter!) Wait to do this until I have narrowed down the contest to afew people at the end, I will not be judging the contest based on theFavicon! The Favicon is optional.

Here is my website:

Please take a look, and you can findout about what my company is about. I'm primarily a musician, and Istarted this business to record audio on the side. Electronics,technology and computers are a big part of the work, but the music,emotion, and the people making it are very important to me. I haveattempted to portray a clean, stylish, image through the website, andit will be great if the business cards and logo text you create can do thesame!

Logo files here:…

UPDATE 8/25:

I appreciate your hard work, and Inorder to assist in your creative process, I'd like to share someinformation about the kinds of designs I'm looking for.

Design Objective:

We want customers to feel comfortablelooking at the materials, and to also understand that they aregetting a high quality product that will likely exceed theirexpectations

- Simple, Clean design is important.- White Space is good.- Aim for an “Interesting Plainness”to the design.- Limit the use of color, and effects.- Use somewhat normal san-serif fonts, nothingfunky, or hard to read. You are definitely encouraged to be creative with them, but be subtle.- Small creative elements are great, coolsmall details or twists from the ordinary are welcome, as long asthey do not interfere with the clarity and simplicity of the design. I imagine that the best designs for this project will be able tocapture this.Luxury products, and modern art, aresometimes displayed in this simple way, and that's what this projectneeds. Similar to a design firm's stationary, logo, websites. Theydon't let the design get in the way of the product. Bove Audio'sproduct is very high quality, and stands out on it's own, withoutflashy presentation. Keep it simple.

Here are some good articles discussingthese concepts:…n-designs/…e-designs/…-overview/

Here are a selection of simple websiteswith a similar approach to this project:


There are some fantastic simple designsto view on:

Lo que desea

A Clean, Clear text design is important.

I prefer Sans Serif fonts.

I like styles like the simple designs on

*updated 8-25-08 12:30PM EST

No quieres

I'm open to anything, looking forward to your creativity!

Don't want italics in main logo text.

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