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Marketing Collateral for A 25 Hour Day with Joy Duling

Michelle necesitaba un nuevo diseño de papelería y lanzó un concurso de diseño en 99designs.

Un ganador ha sido elegido entre 46 diseños de 7 diseñadores freelance.


Cómo Michelle comenzó su viaje en papelería


1. Business Card (2 sided with rounded corners incorporating tagline line and logo)
Contact information to be included:
Joy Duling, Managing Director
4408 N. Rockwood Rd, Ste 117
Peoria, IL 61615
Phone: 1-888-802-0294
Fax: 1-888-802-0296
Web site:
2. Notecard (4x6- double sided: possibly having the logo and tagline on the back and area to write a note on the front while also possibly incorporating a smaller version of the logo and similar pattern from Web site)
3. Shipping label – 3 1/3 x 4; these stickers will be placed on a chocolate brown envelope.
4. Sticker (for presentation folder). These stickers will be placed on the outside of a chocolate brown standard pocket folder – recommendation for size will be appreciated.

Depth and textured desired on all pieces. We welcome any other ideas or suggestions that might occur during the creative process.

Nombre de la marca

Please see below.

¿Qué te inspira y qué diseño imaginas para tu empresa?

Please see below.

Desired Color Scheme:
Please see below.

Desired Style:
Please see below.

Accepted File Formats:
Vector Formats (.eps, .pdf or .ai); Layered Formats (.psd or .tiff)

Design Brief: a 25 hour Day with Joy Duling;
Please visit our temporary address: for inspiration. Note: the Web site is still under construction and upon completion will be redirected to
LOGO -- for the 300 DPI/EPS version of the logo go here


 for the 300DPI-CMYK logo click here


page:; it is a basic type treatment that says "a 25 hour day with Joy Duling" located in the lower right hand corner of the page.

Tagline:Strategic planning, business coaching, and direct project support

We help time-pressed business professionals discover: 1) WHAT they need to do to move forward toward their goals;2) WHERE to focus time, energy and resources when priorities compete; 3)  HOW to execute change without becoming completely overwhelmed. By offering a unique combination of strategic planning, business coaching and hands-on support, our team helps you complete the projects that are critical to business success.     
Description of desired style
Upscale look and feel for a quality impression that emphasizes eloquence, professionalism, and approachability
Core target consumer
Small to medium size business owners and non profit organizations
What we want our consumers to THINK
A 25 hour day is the resource to turn to for time-pressed professionals who want to move their business forward;  At A 25 Hour Day, we emphasize focus, productivity and strategic action... all in an effort to shift individuals/companies/ organizations toward their big picture goals. 
What we want our clients to FEEL
We want clients to feel empowered, informed, connected, and engaged.
Website, Trademark or Brand Name:
Desired Color Scheme: Chocolate brown (64, 43, 18), burgundy (131, 19, 13), brownish burgundy (70, 18,13), Navy (29, 79, 115), Cream (242, 229, 202), Gold (255, 205,74) Red (130, 24, 21); fonts on Web site Times New Roman Bold; Tomaha
Accepted File Formats: Vector Formats (.eps, .pdf or .ai); Layered Formats (.psd or .tiff); all pieces will need to print ready and we may need assistance coordinating the pieces with the printer; we would also like suggestions of what type of paper and finish should be chosen to optimize the design

a 25 Hour Day services include
Direct project support and consulting services

We offer two consulting programs:  one designed for small business owners and the other designed for CEO's and their teams.
1. Small Business Mastery Program
2. Executive Planning and Performance Management Program

Small Business Mastery Includes:

• Getting you clear about what you want for your business and capturing a twelve-month plan on paper;    
• Accurately identifying what's working for you and what's not, so that you can more effectively choose strategies that fit you, your unique strengths and your business needs;
• Constructing systems and processes that consistently support forward action toward your big-picture goals and life priorities; and
• Maintaining accountability over time, so that you actually reach your goals, rather than fizzling out before you get there.  

We call this program our Small Business Mastery Program.  As a participant, you'll receive:

• One-on-one work to create a 12-month plan for your business;
• A monthly one-on-one progress review session to problem-solve any barriers that have arisen;
• A monthly group session to keep you accountable and motivated; if group work is not desired, additional one-on-one work can be substituted;
• Virtually unlimited email/phone support between sessions; and
• Six additional learning opportunities offered to program participants only throughout the year.
The program is intentionally designed to be very affordable, even for the smallest of businesses.  You will be matched with the group that appears to be the best fit for your industry, degree of experience and personality.

 Executive Planning and Performance Management Program Includes:

For organizations that operate under the direction of a CEO, Executive Director, management team and/or Board of Directors, our work together generally focuses on:
• Getting people engaged in conversations that really matter, minimizing the tendency for groups to "churn" around issues that really don't move your organization forward;    
• Helping managers get clear about how their role fits into the big picture and an organization's overarching goals for the future;
• Creating a common language that crosses divisional boundaries and encourages people to share their very best thinking with each other; 
• Identifying rock-solid, measurable goals, so that the entire team understands the performance expectations; and
• Maintaining accountability over time, so that planning gets integrated with real-world action.  

Most often, entrance into the Executive Planning & Performance Management Program kicks off at the point of a team planning event such as an off-site meeting or formal retreat. 

In support of the planning event, we typically provide:
• Pre-planning sessions with organization leads;
• Stakeholder surveys;
• Facilitation of a planning event for the management team and/or Board;
• Documentation of a final plan.
After the plan is documented, we offer a number of tools and services to support implementation of the plan and accountability to the goals outlined.
Payment plans are available for consulting services and generous discounts are provided to nonprofit organizations.

We also offer an array of project support services to our clients through a network of virtual assistants and freelance professionals.

Writing Services offered:
Annual Reports
Case Studies
Data Sheet / Product Slick
E-Book Creation
Ezine Content
Ghostwritten Article
Operations Manuals
Postcard Marketing
PowerPoint Presentations
Press Kits
Press Release Creation & Submission
Technical Writing Projects
Website Copy

Technical Support:
Auto-Responder Set-Up
Blog Set-Up
Ezine Set-Up
Web Site Set-Up
Postcard Marketing Set-Up

Payment Methods Offered
- Credit Card
- PayPal

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300 $

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