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Stand Up Clothing shirt design

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It’s time men stood up and embraced their leadership role. They were created to provide godly headship in marriage and exemplify a good work ethic to non believers among other things. We must never allow ourselves to be walked on or be pushed around. The backbone we can trust is Jesus Christ who empowers us to be bold for His sake. Please help design a shirt that says, “Rooted in Strength”.

Nombre de la empresa

Stand Up Clothing/

¿Qué te inspira y qué diseño imaginas para tu empresa?

i need a shirt designed that says "rooted in strength". the name of the clothing line is "Stand Up Clothing". the idea is that as christians we are rooted in the strength that god is. he is all-powerful and unstopable. we find our strength in his power. i have seen a great visual on another shirt. it was a pic of a tree. you could see the branches abouve ground as wel as the roots underground. the roots grew around a certain symbol. maybe that will help you be creative.

Lo que desea

cutting edge. rough, tough looking. a shirt that says, "take me seriously", and "i'm not like the average 'wimpy' christian". BOLD STATEMENT

No quieres

to be overly "artsy".

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