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T-Shirt Design For Extreme Sports Club

Jimmy1 necesitaba un nuevo diseño de camiseta y lanzó un concurso de diseño en 99designs.

Un ganador ha sido elegido entre 66 diseños de 23 diseñadores freelance.


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We are a group of guys that love to Fish, Hunt, Snow Ski, Scuba, Surf, Ride Motorcycles, 4 wheeling. We see life as a gift and we love to play hard!

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Here is our website...

Please don't just copy the artwork from the website and add to you design we want it to be original.

We are a members only club and here are the styles we like...

Look for inspiration in these helmets designs...…ewAll.aspx

Look for inspiration in these T-shirt designs…_list.html…er=1&val=0
TapOut -…ductId=289
Billabong -…_dc-52.htm


1. The main artwork should be in the back and a small piece in the front of the T
2. The word Mangz should be pretty prominent in the design
3. Hogan's Run 2010 should be somewhere small in the design
4. "Siempre Con Cojones" should be somewhere small
5. If possible incoperate a crown in the with an " M " M for mangz if you look at our logo on the website there are two m's in it for MyMangz. This is not a requirement.
6. Feel free to be creative with the design it doesnt have to be super elaborate simple is cool too as long as it looks professional and original . We don't want a t-shirt with a bunch of clip-art.

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