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$2000 - New creative direction for professional healthcare solutions company

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Creative Brief – Sure Decisions

Project Mission:
To create a design/layout and logo that communicates Sure Decisions’ valuable, professional services while expressing its ability to provide revenue cycle solutions to healthcare providers that surpass any competitor’s solutions.

Nombre de la empresa

Sure Decisions

¿Qué te inspira y qué diseño imaginas para tu empresa?

Desired Color Scheme:
Open to creative liberties

Desired Style:
See Creative Brief

Accepted File Formats:
Standard Web Formats (.jpg, .gif or .png); Vector Formats (.eps, .pdf or .ai); html, css

Website Visual Concept Design Contest
It’s another Sonata Labs contest and we’re very pleased to be able to offer a much larger award this time - $2,000!!!
With that in mind, I must emphasize that we desire to keep this contest on a very professional level. Although we’ve had great experiences with past contests, bickering and accusing dialogue between contestants has occasionally caused undue stress.
We understand that it happens in discussion forums. However, please report all problems you may have via PM and Everyone: Please respect the work of others.
Now that we have that out of the way… Good luck everybody - This is going to be a great one!
Contest Description:
Designers submit visual concepts based on the objectives and information provided by Sonata Labs. Sonata Labs will evaluate each piece and provide feedback to designers at least twice per week. Sonata Labs will choose one contestant’s website visual concept(s) as a winner and award $2000(US) to that individual.  Prize will be awarded after coding has been finalized.

Basic Requirements:
Design new graphics/layout and visual concept(s) for the Sure Decisions’ website.
Visual Concept(s) Defined:
This may be as simple as an incredible Homepage design with powerful ideas for various content pages. It may be a package of pages that work together logically to creatively communicate a message.

Bottom Line: We need to be able to recognize that your visual concept(s) will be expanded into a comprehensive site design.
*** All designs must be in HTML (and/or css) format ***
Regarding Flash:
*** We don’t see a great need here, but we are open to a MODEST amount of Flash animation for visual enhancement only, not for any function.

Detailed Requirements and Information:
The Creative Brief below will help you conceptualize what Sonata Labs is looking for in a winning design. It contains a lot of information. Some of it will be useful to you and some will not. The brief will hopefully help give you an image of who your design represents and who we are talking to with a design.
The brief is not intended to restrain your creative authority - rather, to give you some direction.
Creative Brief – Sure Decisions
Project Mission:
To create a design/layout and logo that communicates Sure Decisions’ valuable, professional services while expressing its ability to provide revenue cycle solutions to healthcare providers that surpass any competitor’s solutions.
About Sure Decisions:
Sure Decisions is a company with well-tailored solutions that solve specific revenue cycle problems which have been developed on the ground, by operators, with the support of a world-class software development team and GE process expertise. Our solutions generate more value for healthcare providers than our competitors – we simply solve the problem more completely than our competition. Sure Decisions offers shared services and software solutions that address the most pressing revenue cycle and revenue-related compliance issues.

Sure Decisions accomplishes its mission by:
- researching the most pressing revenue cycle issues

- attracting experts in the medical field to aid in the development of specific solutions

- developing world-class software solutions

- applying analytics to healthcare data to provide the best, up to date information to our clients

Major services of Sure Decisions include:

Services for hospitals and physician groups

What is the objective, the purpose of the site design?
- A simple, easy-to-navigate, easy-to-understand site that clearly and concisely articulates who we are and what we do.
- A consistent brand image and brand message across all web pages, web templates, web forms, etc, and across all other marketing collateral. Our site needs to reflect our expertise in the area of the healthcare revenue cycle.
- A professional image. This is particularly important as we are speaking to business professionals. Please keep in mind, however, that we’d like the site to have some life. We are looking to convey “intelligence†and an appreciation of the issues relevant to healthcare providers.
What do we want to say? Single most important message:
Sure Decisions is the go to company for pressing revenue cycle issues for hospitals. We have the solutions and talent to get results. Our speed to value will be quicker than any competitor.

Secondary messages or themes:
-experts in hospital finance
Target audience: Who are we talking to?
Primary Audiences:
Our website will be targeted to primarily Chief Financial Officers and Chief Medical Officers of prospective client health care provider organizations; also some of their reports, including Revenue Cycle Managers, Managed Care Directors, and Directors of Case Management.

Business people
- Age: 25+ Our programs are actually best suited to 34+
- Occupation: healthcare executives – CFOs, CMOs, directors of revenue cycle services

-Education: Four-year college and often an advanced degree
- Yearly salary: Probably at least $45+
- Marital Status: n/a
- Gender: both

-Healthcare providers that are analytically aware, financially driven, but also patient centered

Appropriate Tone or “Feeling†of Visual Design:



We want to convey that we are the experts in revenue cycle issues.

-Design Elements:
Color Palette: We don’t have an official color palette… yet. Come up with some suggestions for color palette, keeping in mind that we want to use the palette for all marketing materials, in addition to website.

Logo: Please work on

We are open to moderate use of licensed stock photography – but do not want (at all) to look like a cookie-cutter template site.

Other Websites We Like and What We Like/Dislike About Each:
What we like about it (by category):
- Layout – clean, professional layout
- Graphics/Color Scheme – clean, professional look, consistent use of color that goes along with their branding (two forces. One vision)
- Tone – professional, clear
- font, typography

- It almost seems like this is a newpaper site (looks a bit like --- we like the authoritative tone this sets

What you like about it (by category):
- Layout – clean, clear, simple, beautiful
- Graphics – clean, clear, simple
- Tone – clean, clear, simple


-We love the navigation

-Excellent attention to layout and typography

Modular Format:
All designs must be in modular format. This doesn’t mean designs must be blocky. Rather, designs must be able to accommodate “plugged-in†content module pieces of various sizes.
See Examples of Modular Format:
Deadline for Design Submittals:
All designs must be submitted by 11/29/07.
Rules & Guidelines:
- We will choose a winner on 12/1/07.
- $2000(US) award will be distributed to PayPal for processing after all designs materials are finalized and received by us
- The criteria by which all submitted work is evaluated and a winner is selected is solely at the discretion of Sonata Labs L.L.C.
- Original work only – Each contestant may not copy or use any portion of work other than his/her own. No templates.
- Each contestant guarantees that his/her design submissions are his/her own original work.
- The winning contestant transfers of all intellectual property rights associated with the winning work submittal(s) to Sure Decisions at the time payment is made to the winner.
- All payment transactions will be processed via PayPal.
- Winners are solely responsible for all applicable taxes on payments.
- If for any reason, no design is selected as a winner by us, no person will be awarded any portion of the prize money and we will not take ownership of any design materials associated with this contest.

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