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websitebroker necesitaba un nuevo diseño de página web y lanzó un concurso de diseño en 99designs.

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Our new website needs a new design badly. is a Q&A start-up service designed for experts to use on their websites. We are currently looking for a new design for our website. helps any expert in any field turn their knowledge into revenue. It is a website that experts can use to answer their customers' questions online. They create an account at, put a link on their web-page which will take visitors to an AdviceTool Questions Page specifically for that adviser, and receive an adviser fee when the customer submits a question through the Questions Page. Advisers can be attorneys, doctors, mechanics, technicians, plastic surgeons, vets, designers, consultants, etc. In fact anybody can be an adviser. Even you.

Cuéntanos a qué tipo de público quieres llegar

Experts in any field who would like to receive a fee for answering questions through their website. This includes: attorneys, doctors, mechanics, technicians, plastic surgeons, vets, designers, consultants, etc.

We also want it to appeal to the tech-savvy crowd who will be building and maintaining the web-pages of these professionals.


We need 3 Pages redesigned. We want a very clean look, iconic and minimalist. More details about the various pages are given below.

We want to be able to later use this same look, layout of the pages for mini sites that are profession specific i.e. a mini sites that is directed to lawyers, one to mechanics etc.

It should have our logo new logo which is attached in this brief under "Files Attached" and should include our tagline: Turning Your Knowledge Into Revenue. The colors of the logo can be changed.

Regarding the use of graphics: Feel free to use images and icons from Save the file number, and if yours is the winning entry, we will purchase the necessary licenses. All other graphics must be your original work or free for commercial use (without attribution).

Número de páginas


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We need 3 Pages redesigned.

Homepage: The homepage to be simple and clearly state the service that can provide for them. It should be professional, but still have a welcoming feel as opposed to overwhelming.

It should have our logo new logo which is attached in this brief under "Files Attached" and should include our tagline: Turning Your Knowledge Into Revenue. The colors of the logo can be changed.

The homepage will need a login box and links for the visitor to sign-up and see the a little tutorial on how it works.

The text on the homepage should convey the main benefit of the service which is they can receive payment for answering customers'/clients' questions through their website.

How It Works: Keep similar 4 steps to what we have on the current but change the presentation to match with your homepage design and feel free to change the wording as well.

Sign-up Page: Keep the fields we currently have but redesign the page to maintain the look and feel of the homepage.

Sitio web existente

Our existing website,, doesn't have the look we really want. On the homepage, we like the tagline "Turning Your Knowledge Into Revenue" and we like having navigation bars at the top and bottom of the page. We can get rid of the Example Websites page completely from the website, and thus wouldn't need to mention it on the homepage either. We like having a login and "sign up now"/"it's free to join" buttons displayed on the page, but think they could look much nicer. We like having a list of benefits that using AdviceTool offers experts, but think it can be presented in a more appealing way. We would also like to have a place on the homepage where we can have a paragraph describing the service, but the paragraph would be changed from what we presently have. Overall, the homepage is too boring and needs to be something that excites the visitor.

For the How It Works section, we like the idea of a slideshow and the text we show the viewer, but we think it could look better. The How It Works page should have the same look as the homepage.

For the sign up page, we are happy with the fields, but will need the look and feel of the page to match with the homepage. We don't like how the top of the page looks and are not crazy about the text. We also need the text under "Username and Password" to be more visible.

Páginas web de ejemplo

We like clean designs that are iconic and minimalistic . Examples are this site and

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