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BOOM: New Direction. Redesign. Freshness. Innovative. & Style!

Continent Eight necesitaba un nuevo diseño de página web y lanzó un concurso de diseño en 99designs.

Un ganador ha sido elegido entre 60 diseños de 9 diseñadores freelance.


Cómo Continent Eight comenzó su viaje en diseño de página web

Nombre de la marca

Makers Mark - Celebrating Australian Creativity

Descripción general

We need your design transformation skills! The basics:
- Sells and celebrates creative Australian jewellery to the world.
- The website is taking a new direction.
- More than a redesign, this will be a new concept.
- The website wants more focus on its artists.

The site will be moving in the direction of, where artist are rewarded / rated by the visitors for their creativity and design.

The new Makers Mark website will bring its visitors the lastest, most creative, and best Australian designer jewellery and giftware at the best price online.

We are emphasing this is a new business model for a new generation of the brand.

**UPDATE** .ai logo attached down the bottom.

Cuéntanos a qué tipo de público quieres llegar

The emphasis here is that we are starting fresh.

The audience who will be visiting the site:
* Range from 18-80.
* Are also a younger generation who have to disposable income for purchasing top class jewellery online.
* Visitors who are paying for an Australian piece of designer jewellery / gift backed by a brand name associated with creativity, subtly and class.


1. Please only submit your front page design. If we like it, we will ask you to submit more pages.

2. The focus of this site is moving towards a platform for bringing buyers and Australian artists together. This means that we want to encourage artists to "submit their pieces" to the site as well (and primarily) encouraging visitors to buy from the site.

3. Edits to the current main menu:
- Remove 'Collections'.
- After the menu item 'Artists', add another menu item called 'What's New'. Maybe experiment with making this menu item stand out a little more than the rest. The submenu items will be:
* Latest pieces
* Artist Spotlight
* Top Rated
* Best Sellers
* Our Pick of the Week

3. Please place the artist's pieces first. The peices need to be centre of the attention, not the page design. HOWEVER, the design needs to support the creativity and class of the artist's peices. First thing you look at is the artist piece, then the design.

4. The new business model will focus on performance, creativity and recognition. In other words there will be focus on more dynamic areas of the website, e.g.:
- Favourite Designs/Best selling Artists/Piece of the Week.. etc.
- Add dynamic features that you may think are cool.

5. We want visitors returning regularly.

6. Our new logo ( ).

Número de páginas


Descripciones de páginas

PLEASE ONLY SUBMIT YOUR FRONTPAGE DESIGN. If we like this design, we will ask you to submit more designs.
**UPDATE** Only 4 pages required **UPDATE**
The four pages that need redesigning:
2.…art-brooch [example product page]
3. [checkout page]

Requirements for the frontpage:
1. We want the product front and centre.
2. Please include links to areas of the website:
- Latest Pieces
- Top Rated
- Best Sellers
- Our Pick of the Week
- Submit your design (different to above links, this is for artists who want to display work on the website).
3. Please include a design for the mega menus / drop downs too. We want to see some creativity with a modern web mega menu.
4. Please place some subtle reference of a new business model / direction.
5. Do not include the picture on the current page in the bottom right hand corner.
-> Attached is a screen shot of what links remain in the bottom menu called 'bottom-menu-links.jpg'. Please redesign this accordingly.
6. We are including more social media. We are adding the ability to sign in with facebook as well as like our facebook page on the frontpage. We also want to include our twitter link and --maybe-- twittier feed.

Sitio web existente

Páginas web de ejemplo

We want a mix of the clean and elegant style class, mixed with the new web style of user interaction:
For example the clean style of: - We like the minimalism here, this site places the product first and foremost. Though, we think its a little boring. We want a little bit more creativity. - We like how they have remained minimal while adding a little bit of creativity. Though we think the menu is a little distracting.

With a mix of the more dynamic look: - Conceptually we included this example as this is the direction we are taking the site. We want the site to appeal to artists wanting to list their designs as much as visitors wanting to buy them. - We love the creativity of this site. HOWEVER, note where you look first when you open the page. Is is at the food? Saying that, food is not their product, its the sauce. - Again, the style, class and creativity offer here is very good. But maybe too much text on the frontpage? - Love the mega menu, simple, yet stylish. We want more spice in our menus.

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