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Jason.bonham necesitaba un nuevo diseño de página web y lanzó un concurso de diseño en 99designs.

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Inspired, fledgling entrepreneur seeking super-creative design mega-squad to be part of the next big thing...
First and foremost I appreciate your time and look forward to working with you. I'm closing in on the launch of a new site that provides a similar service to sites like eLance but for professional service providers. The site has amazing potential so your design will be the front of today’s biggest no brainer!

What is it? is the eBay equivalent for professional service providers. We take customers through an easy three step process of creating a bid request. This bid request includes photos and video to provide contractors (CityBidderz) all the necessary information to submit proposals. These proposals are then presented to the customer with pricing and job description along with links to CityBidderz' profile pages. Viola, customers have just received multiple bids without making a single phone call! On the flip side, our CityBidderz can now fill their work week without driving all over town giving “Free Quotes.”

Who is it for? is for everyone! Whether you’d like a price for work in one of our more than 30 categories or you’re a qualified service professional, serves a purpose for you.

Who is it NOT for?
Aliens and mythical sea creatures (sorry Nessy)

Cuéntanos a qué tipo de público quieres llegar has a purpose for everyone with two distinct user experiences. In the CityBidz world there are:

Customers: Users who engage the site to receive bids on the work they need done. This side of the site has almost zero friction. It will be in a three easy step fashion so anyone who engages the site will take the call to action and post their work.

Contractors (CityBidderz): These are skilled labor professionals who subscribe monthly to the site for notification alerts when work is posted. This is the real function side of the site. All internal pages will follow the same look / feel as the homepage.


Site design concepts include but not limited to:

- Homepage has two basic purposes
1. Sell the sites purpose and highlight its ease of use
2. Present two clear paths or call to action
a. To enter a project and receive bids
b. Become a contractor on the site

I'd like to see:
-Lime green / black / white color scheme
-Rounded corners on all containers
-Big buttons / large font
-Pop-up data entry for things like login etc.
-Live action section where news / alerts / site content can be updated daily. This section would include things like:
1. Number of contractors who signed up daily
2. Blog postings by contractors
3. Number of jobs available for contactors to work on
4. Daily Dealz presented by contractors to keep users returning to the site. A Groupon if you will for service providers.
5. Featured contractor of the day / week etc.
6. You get my drift

For the call to action buttons I'm considering a 'Got Work' / 'Need Work' concepts.
'Got Work' would be the casual users call to action to post their need to, for example, have a cat door installed. Below the tag line would be room for text to further explain.
'Need Work' would be the contractor (CityBidderz) call to action. Again, room for text to further explain.

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Priority... EASE OF USE.

Home Page!!!

The idea for CityBidz is not completely original so branding is key. Once a user arrives at the site it needs to look fun / inviting and very easy to use.

This homepage is more of a sales / pitch page. The login will be done via popup window so very few if any form fields. See the existing site for navigation options.

AGAIN, the home page presents two clear paths!

Sitio web existente - we recently overlaid the concept onto a prebuilt site. The original site look / feel is attached.

Páginas web de ejemplo - this is a competitor site that does a great job with look and feel. I like the cleanliness of the site and it also presents two clear paths. - a recent addition to the market. I like the icons and general contractor theme. CityBidz will have over 30 categories so it doesn't have to be construction contractor centric. - I like the color theme of this site and the logo was inspirational in the CityBidz logo (attached). - I'm providing this as an example of the sites function. Basically all the function of eLance with the fun of one of the sites listed above. - link to the logo in PNG

Attachments include:
Pics of CityBidz original concepts. I like the look and feel but the function was the reason we purchased an off the shelf site.

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