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Nombre de la empresa

Descripción general is an online accommodation booking website that lists over 1,500 accommodation establishments across South Africa. The site is self service - a user can search for any region of South Africa, select the perfect accommodation to suit them, and send an enquiry directly to the establishment owner/manager.

We have crafted our website with love and care, so that users have the best possible experience. We pride ourselves in the ease with which users can navigate our website, quickly drilling down to the region of accommodation that they are interested in. The ease, swiftness and security of our online accommodation booking/enquiry system is also one of our key competencies.

Even thought we are primarily "self service", we still pride ourselves on the best service possible (visit to see regular feedback from clients).

In a way, we service and bring together two very different groups of people - accommodation seekers, and accommodation owners. While we consider our primary business to be finding good accommodation for potential guests, we can only service that need if we are constantly expanding our accommodation portfolio.

Cuéntanos a qué tipo de público quieres llegar

We sell accommodation both for leisure and business, from student-budget backpacker's lodges to high-class, 5-star hotels or safaris. This means that, even though we view ourselves as young and dynamic, we like to maintain a business-like brand. We need people to know that we take their requirements seriously, and that we have already had thousand of happy clients. They must know that we can be anything that they need us to be.

We are a young company and, as such, most of our client are encountering us for the first time. For many of them, their yearly holiday is their biggest leisure expense of the year and they need to trust us wholeheartedly or we won't get their business. Not only do they need to trust us with their choice of accommodation, but also with their money (via online credit card payment or bank transfer). In fact, for many of them this may be the first time that they are paying for something online and they need to know that they can trust us.

Trust is very important, so it is vital that the site boasts a professional, and relatively established look.


Please have a quick look around our site. We are only redesigning the homepage right now, so, while we want a new feel for the homepage, we don't want it to make the rest of the site feel alien - e.g. our whole site is fixed width. However, you are welcome to change/replace the current header and/or footer if necessary - we are willing to update those across the site (its quick and easy).

We also don't necessarily feel that the homepage needs to even have the same header as the rest of the site - you are welcome to play around with that.

Our current colours are Green and Blue. Our logo is in these colour and is attached.

See "Page details" for specifics.

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Descripciones de páginas

We need a new homepage. It needs to indicate to accommodation seekers that they are in the right place to find any accommodation in South Africa.

It needs to have a prominent search field ("where are you going?" or something like that -- just 1 field, not 2 like on the current homepage), but it also needs quick links to the most popular regions in South Africa.

We'd also like to bring in some kind of social proof, like comments from

You can also add other elements like those on the current homepage, such as maps (…africa/map ), recent addition to our portfolio of accommodations, reasons to use us etc. Feel free to modify any and/or all elements.

The other thing is that there needs to be a button/link where we can link accommodation owners to our sign-up page. This is definitely not the main point of the homepage, but it needs to be present none-the-less.

Sitio web existente

The current page just feels undesigned. It needs to look expensive and established. It has 2 search fields which should be combined into 1 and it currently has no social proof.

Páginas web de ejemplo - clean and modern, with some really nice little details (like the "stack of cards" look around the video), but maybe too short. No explanation of why to use them over others. - one of our competitors so we can't look too similar, but its a nice clean page. Feels fresh, yet established and has a good amount of content. - too busy and stuffy, but a great emphasis on the search bar and it feels established and big.

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