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Can you give 'Reliable, Trusted Data' sex appeal?

Sharon Hobart @ C3 necesitaba un nuevo diseño de página web y lanzó un concurso de diseño en 99designs.

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Cómo Sharon Hobart @ C3 comenzó su viaje en diseño de página web

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C3 | business solutions is a leading, vendor independent, Australian business intelligence and data management consulting firm. A team of top tier consultants in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane deliver measurable business improvements through innovative products, services and solutions, and with a focus on business outcomes.

We are niche player in this industry, which gives us the flexibility to respond quickly to our client's demands. We compete against some of the the biggest names in Australian IT and management consulting - and believe we do it faster, better, and more cost effectively than most.

C3 Integrity is the brainchild of our software development team and is truly unique as a completely generic data collection, collation and validation platform that can gather data from multiple locations, in multiple formats through a simple web interface. Once the data is uploaded into Integrity, it can then plug directly into a client's data store - no matter what technology they use. This is NOT a reporting tool; it is specifically designed to gather and validate information; turning untrused data into trusted data.

Cuéntanos a qué tipo de público quieres llegar

As this is a fairly expensive licensed product (circa $100k per license), we believe the website will be used to do further research pre-purchase. Therefore, we're wanting to build a site that is information rich and that answers the many questions people may have when they are considering a purchase. Specific types of people we are 'selling to' are C-level executives in the private sector and those at a similar level in State and Federal Government. Therefore, the research may be conducted by either a PA or someone who reports into the C-level executive.


We want a site that gives this product serious credibility. We want it to look highly professional and corporate; to look like it is backed by the established, credible, professional organisation that we are (when you're seen to competing with the likes of Australia's top 200, we need to show that we operate at that level too).

The site needs to be clean, crisp and easy to navigate; it needs to look exceptional but not at the expense of useability. We will be using video footage for product demos and product information. and will be building some animated graphics to explain what integrity is and how it works (see attached pptx file which forms the basis for two animated graphics). This site is the 'sales' site, not the product itself.

We have found that the sales cycle for this product is protracted and that people want information before they are willing to participate in tailored product demonstrations (i.e. give us some data of theirs to show what the system can do). So, the site needs to fulfill this purpose.

Longer term, we may want an e-gateway and the ability to download the product but this is in the future and not an immediate concern.

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We are looking for a home page design and a generic sub-page design.

We like the structure (not the design!) of the google analytics site in terms of layout readability for the home page. I have attached a file that gives a good feel for what is needed on the two pages. see: c3_integrity_website_v2.docx. Feel free to play around with this - these are just thoughts and not set in stone at all - that's why we're looking for great designers/designs!

We require drop down menus for each sub-page as well as 'quick links', 'subscribe to...' and contact us buttons/icons that fit with the overall styling.

We use a 'chain image' to depict Integrity but would be happy to see other suggestions/styling too. We think it would be good to choose graphics or photos to represent each sub-page section but don't want any 'cheesy' people shots. We need photos that portray strength, reliability, trust, professionlism. the files, picture 2 & 3 attached provide PMS/CMYK/RGB logo colour details. Logos are also attached.

The document 'c3integrity profile.pdf' attached gives an overview of the product (the graphic on the front page is outdated - will be replaced by a static version of the pptx file also attached - which we plan to have animated for the website and for presentations).

Sitio web existente - doesn't have enough information, is 'light on' and targeted at a specific purpose (i.e. 'let us show you the product') rather than being an information heavy site that can be used to research the product. - a little dated now but gives a good feel for the organisation.

Páginas web de ejemplo - like the structure, not design. - good funcationlity and nice to look at (and operate in the same space at C3) - good animated graphics, easy to use and looks highly professional - easy to follow site, not ideal for us on design but simple. - like the simplicity and styling of this (accessible to anyone), messaging is clear and concise (although this is very mass market and consumer targeted, we're looking at corporate target)

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