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Header/Footer re-design for (No Coding)

Sheekamoo necesitaba un nuevo diseño de página web y lanzó un concurso de diseño en 99designs.

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Cómo Sheekamoo comenzó su viaje en diseño de página web


Our company is in need of a re-design of our site. The site is a bodybuilding forum that caters to the average or natural bodybuilder (as in, no steroids... so no one is abnormally huge). We are in need of a new header/footer as well as a forum sub-header graphic (the sub-header graphic is explained in more detail in the description).

Nombre de la marca

¿Qué te inspira y qué diseño imaginas para tu empresa?

We want something that is updated and looks more "modern." We've had our current design for the last 3-4 years and it has started to look dated for a website. We will be upgrading our forum software from one version to another and want to incorporate a design change with the update of the new forum software.

Our current site can be seen here:

The new look of the site (the way the forum will be displayed) can be seen here:

I mention the aspplayground site because I want you to see how the forums will be displayed (ignore the header and footer of the site).

Notes on the Header
- We would like the height of the header to be between 120-155px. We need the width of the header to be able to stretch dynamically. So, we need to have an image, and to the right of that image we need a small image we can repeat to fill the rest of the right side of the screen.
- No buttons are needed in the header (we will be removing them with the upgrade to the new forum software).
- Colors should be built around our logo (red and blue). We don't need the header to match them, but we would like our logo to naturally fit into the header. We're different from other bodybuilding forums because we're not hardcore. A lot of sites are black backgrounds or pictures of guys with veins popping out of their skin. That's not what our site is about. If you are going to use a picture of a person or people, we need them to be natural (in shape... but not "hardcore"). I'd say it's preferable to not have any real life people in the background of our header. The simpler the better.Notes on the Footer
- The footer needs to tie into the header and we just need something small (or possibly nothing at all if it looks best with your design).Notes on the Forum Sub-Header Images
- Along with the header/footer we also need a design for the forum sub-headers. I'm referring to the headers you can see on I've also created an image of the headers here to better explain what we need edited:…Header.jpg
- That sub-header image is actually 3 images. There's the left image, the middle, and the right image. We need to keep each image the same size and we also need to background to remain the same (the silver color). But, you are free to change the design/look of them so they match the header you design. For example, you could change the blue line at the top of the center image to match the main color of the header you create. Or, on the right image you could place the 3 colored lines with something of your own. Or, on the left image you can remove the blue circle looking button and put your own artistic idea in there. All I ask is that the backgrounds stay the same so it blends in with the rest of the site.
- Also keep in mind that these forum sub-headers can be opened and closed. Notice on the site there's a "+" icon to the right of some of the headers (near the right image)? If you click on that "+" icon it will expand or contract the forums visible. When you design the 3 images above, make sure that when the forum is compacted the bottom images will blend in with your design.
- You can see a forum window open here:…r_Open.jpg
- And closed here:…Closed.jpg
- I've included the 3 images that you need to re-design below. The images you create need to be the same size as the current images.Other Details

We don't need anything coded, we just need the PSD files.

Download our logo:…

Download the forum header images:…

Lo que desea

- Modern design
- Something clean and simple

No quieres

- Complex designs with lots of colors

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