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High conversion Homepage for B2B software company

Software Company necesitaba un nuevo diseño de página web y lanzó un concurso de diseño en 99designs.

Un ganador ha sido elegido entre 28 diseños de 11 diseñadores freelance.


Cómo Software Company comenzó su viaje en diseño de página web

Nombre de la marca

Software Company

Descripción general

Software Company is the new name of our existing company VBVB Business Solutions (

We want to totally rebrand our company to become really outstanding in our business. For that we need a new approach, which will be our new blog style website.

We do:
- Automation of financial processes
- online CRM
- online survey's
- application hosting
- fixed fee services (monthly payments)

We are a small company and our culture is informal. We are a 'no tie' company and want to present ourselves like that.

We operate mainly in the greater Amsterdam (NL) area.

We want to be in the avantgarde in new webconcepts and the usage of social media. Because we are also advising our customers about what new software solutions can do for their businesses.

We will reward the price as soon as we found 'the' winning design. Which means that you could win even after one day if the result is perfect.

Cuéntanos a qué tipo de público quieres llegar

Our buyers can choose from a lot of potential suppliers. Most of them are 'standard Web1.0 IT-companies' with boring names and boring logo's (,,

We would like to provide them a refreshing alternative to choose from.

There are two steriotype buyers, mainly from the creative sector in Amsterdam:

1. The financial professional (or CFO) who is looking for new financial (bookkeeping) software for the company. He/she is typically 45 years old and cost driven. He has to be sure that the solution (and partner) he chooses are the right choice for the company.

2. The entrepreneur or owner. 35 years old. Sees the advantages that IT-solutions can bring for his company. He is typically a buyer that looks further then only the financial part. So upselling to him is easier as short term costs are less important compared to the long term savings he will have.

So we have to address both financial managers (more business like) and creative professionals (less business like).


What we need:

We are looking for a clean and open design for our Homepage based on our already (on 99designs) designed logo. We need a design that consists of the following:

Basic requirements:
- 990-995 pixels wide
- Bright design
- Nice photographs / images / icons
- We would like to use the logo attached and the colors from the logo
- We want a recognizable font for titles (at the moment that is not determined yet)

What we don't want:
- Pictures of people shaking hands (too obvious business like)
- Pictures of people wearing ties
- Pictures of computers
- Standard clipart
- Too obvious stockphoto images

Our conversion targets are:
1. Contact by phone or e-mail
2. Newsletter subscription
3. Quote request
4. Whitepaper download
5. Twitter follower

Número de páginas


Descripciones de páginas

This is how we see it, but please feel free to choose another layout if you think that could improve the user experience...

1. Header:
- Logo at the left
- 'Bel ons: 020 8200 700' (Call us, make it stand out)
- 'E-mail:'
- Search box, Sign in link
- Slider with the following contents
a. Ik wil luisteren naar mijn klant. Hoe doe ik dat?
b. Ik wil meer uit mijn administratie halen. Wat kan ik verbeteren?
c. Ik wil een fixed fee voor mijn software en support.
d. .... and one or two more...
- Call to action (order infobox for new customers):
'Nieuw bij SC? Vraag ons informatiepakket aan."
- Menu: Home, Producten, Klanten, Wie is SC?, Contact
- Buttons for RSS, Twitter, Newsletter

2. Body:
- Two colums, one blog section one extra info column
- Breadcrumbs
- Blog section should contain:
a. 5 to 7 intro's of most recent blogposts
b. 150x150 pixel illustration for each blogpost
c. 'Lees meer' (read more) and 'Reageer' link and links to all associated tags for that blogpost
d. retweet button and Share button (share social media) for that blogpost
e. pagination at the bottom after the 7 blogposts
- Extra info colums should contain:
a. 'Vraag offerte aan'-button (get a quote)
b. Customer testimonial (1x)
c. 'Gratis tips & tricks via e-mail'-button (free tips n tricks)
d. 'U kunt bij ons terecht voor:' and then 7 links under that text
e. 'Download gratis whitepaper'-button
f. Twitter updates frame
g. Tag cloud

3. Footer
a. Contact details
b. Sitemap
c. Social media icons
d. Blog categories (5x)
e. Link to disclamer and linke to privacy statement

Sitio web existente
It's a static site. There is no call to action. We like the fact that we are trying to be differtent from our competitors, but this could be enhanced.

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729 $

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