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Holistic Pet Food, Toys, & Accessories & Grooming Store

Killian30 necesitaba un nuevo diseño de página web y lanzó un concurso de diseño en 99designs.

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Cómo Killian30 comenzó su viaje en diseño de página web

Nombre de la marca

Bonnie's Barkery

Descripción general

We are dog lovers with a passion for treating our animals right. We are a holistic pet food (dogs and cats), supplies and grooming retail store. We love animals and we love sharing our knowledge of holistic food, herbs and toys that enhance the quality of our dogs' lives. We are very fun loving and our customers are part of our family.

We envision expanding our ecommerce store and we'd like our website (home page) to be a resource for similar pet lovers both locally (Phoenix, AZ area) and nationally/globally. Our blog is an important way for us to provide pet lovers with useful information.

The brands that we align ourselves with are also important. We view ourselves as ambassadors to these brands. We are very proud to sell them and we want to incorporate that into our site, as we can be a useful source of information about these brands.

Cuéntanos a qué tipo de público quieres llegar

Dog lovers. (and cats too) We target dog owners with interests in holistic, natural, raw, organic food and supplies. These are people that understand the value of spending more to get the quality they want for their animals. They are dedicated to their pets and passionate about the latest accessories, foods and supplies.

The market is adult dog/cat owners. 60%+ women. They are affluent and well educated. Their pets are part of their family. Local customers need grooming services. National customers need information about brands/products/treatments and the ability to order them online (our ecommerce store).


We are designing the home page. The home page will contain style elements that we will use in other page templates later on. The most important part of the page is the header.

The page needs to set the tone for our brand. It is whimsical and fun yet high end and tasteful. The elements that we will judge the contest on are the following:
Page Background Image
Overall Header Composition
Color choices and page elements like boxes
Custom graphics that make the site fun and create a brand
Overall layout

The page must include the following information (boxes):
Schedule grooming
About us
Follow us (Twitter, Facebook, RSS, Yelp)
Newsletter signup
The Barkery (our blog - recent posts)
Featured products (image + title) from our Big Commerce store (from RSS)
Brands - 3 featured brand images
Calendar - upcoming events
Testimonials - picture and quote (picture will be of dog, quote will be from owner and be listed as "dog's name mom/dad owner's name"
Photo feed (photos displayed in reel from Picassa - need to design frame for that box)
Footer will be all links to brands, categories, and popular items in our store
Copyright and Privacy Policy and Terms of Use links in footer

The Header must include:
Our logo
Our phone # w/ call to action (Bark at us???)
Buttons/tabs for site sections
Upper links from our ecommerce store

Número de páginas


Descripciones de páginas

The Page Background Image should be outside of the main content area (width 980 px) you are free to be creative with this image. We are looking for something whimsical and fun yet high end that creates our brand image.

Overall Header - must incorporate our logo, navigation buttons/tabs/links our phone number. Our phone number is a major call to action and should stand out. Must set tone for our brand.

Color choices and page elements - our colors are Black and Red - your choices of colors for boxes and their styling will be important. They must match our brand and reflect really great styling.

Custom Graphics - We really want some graphics in the page w/in and/or incorporating the various information boxes. We'd like graphics of dog breeds including a dachsund, golden retriever, and cocker spaniel. The rest is up to you! These graphics should incorporate our brand and create a fun loving personality for our site. Ideas include dogs w/ talk boxes (call outs). Obviously we don't want these to be clip art.

Overall layout - we have wireframes including which information must be on the page. The layout is not firm and you are free to experiment. The items which are not flexible are the calls to action on newsletter signup, follow us (Facebook, Twitter) and Request grooming appointment - these must all be above the fold. Otherwise you are free to rearrange.

Sitio web existente

This is a complete makeover. New logo, new site, new customers :)

Though text will be similar (you can use this text in your design)

Páginas web de ejemplo

We really like this type of artwork for pets:
This sums up the high contrast look we are after. They are whimsical and fun yet very clean/modern and hip.

Here's a couple Wordpress themes that are OK - they incorporate a background image which is important to us:…24479.html…12223.html

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