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Infiniti Telecommunications Webstie re-design

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Infiniti Telecommunications is an online resource for people looking to purchase communications equipment. Infiniti is a leading supplier in Australia and a one stop shop. We are looking to re-skin and re-design our corporate site. The home page has evolved over time and we’re looking for a fresh set of eyes to bring our site to life.
We are incorporating a phone school into the site for people that don’t know anything but the other elements all need to stay.
A site like this needs to say we’re professional, we want to help not scare you away. This is a business to business site. We’re not saying serious as a heart attack we’re just saying clean and professional with clear messages and objectives.
... and that's where you come in!

Nombre de la empresa

Infiniti Telecommunications

¿Qué te inspira y qué diseño imaginas para tu empresa?

We’reafter a clean and clear site to get the user to the specific phone system size/ brand that they need quickly and efficiently (3 clicks). This is for both the“new phone systems” and “used phone systems tabs”.  Once there, thehandsets (or actual phones) are extremely important and need to be clearlydisplayed in a visually impressive manner.  This also applies to mobilephones, cordless phones and the other products that we offer.

Ourtarget audience is business owners and managers so the design will reflect this.Not only do we wish to provide information on the product, we wish to push acall to action of calling or requesting a quote (these buttons and informationare displayed through the site frequently). We also don’t want our site toappear like a retail / junk mail catalogue brochure; hence the clear anduncluttered look is what we are aiming for.

Everythingis up for redesign from the logo, to the colours. When it comes to thespecific handset pages we will be using video so this will be the key image. Weare going to use custom video players so please incorporate this into yourdesign as you wish. The videos are being shot at present and we are leaningtoward widescreen but if you have something else that may work, please impressus!

So what we need is a redesign of the index page

The size of system that’s right for you page

And a specific handset page

Some images of the phones are zipped here for you use.


Then as a future incentive, the competition winner will then be consideredto design further pages within the site privately. So the prize for thiscontest is only the beginning of a potentially more work with our company.

Lo que desea

- ·         Clean design (information needs to bepresented professionally and clearly, not like a bulletin board). This doesn’tmean that the entire site needs to be on a white background. Splashes of colourare certainly encouraged.

- Menu - Would like this to be at the top still. The same1st level navigation headings are to remain with the exception ofInternet. We are looking to add a ‘Phone School’ section to ourwebsite. This would need to be visible on the front page and also have a 1stlevel navigation heading.
- Logo to be tech savvy and legible.
- Good use of colour. (This doesn’t mean that the site resembles arainbow, but an intelligent colour scheme implemented into the design. Mostpreferably tied back to the logo colours.)
- The site still needs to be designed for1024 x 768 screen resolution. This doesn’t mean that the page can’t verticallyscroll BUT product images and most relevant information needs to be visiblewithout scrolling.

- Sign up section to be added. This can either be a simple text field witha button or a button on it’s own to go to another page.
- The search section needs to be highlighted. It’s not prominent and couldbe of a lot more use if it caught people’s eye.
- The footer links are presently drab and boring. Obviously these aren’tthe focus point of the site but it’s the small things that are appreciated. Becreative with this section as they are important to the site, else theywouldn’t be there.
- Phone brand logos are encouraged to be used instead of text.
- At present there are credit card logos at the top of the page. We wouldlike to keep images of these credit cards in the header somewhere and to portraythe site as a safe to do business transactions.

No quieres

- Common Template designs. Use your imagination.
- No sense of user flow (they are there to choose a phone system for theirbusiness size). We want our customers to be able to be browsing their preferredproduct within 3 clicks.
- Wasting valuable screen space in the header area. We really want theimages of the products to sell themselves and be visible without scrolling.

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