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Kingdom Computer Single Landing Page Design

Aces1Up necesitaba un nuevo diseño de página web y lanzó un concurso de diseño en 99designs.

Un ganador ha sido elegido entre 36 diseños de 10 diseñadores freelance.


Cómo Aces1Up comenzó su viaje en diseño de página web

Nombre de la marca

Kingdom Computers

Descripción general

Kingdom Computers provides comprehensive computer support services.

We provide both on-site and remote Internet support options to our clients.

We are looking to re-design our Landing Pages to attract new customers to try our services.
We want our Landing Page to focus on letting our visitors know that we can support their specific computer problem that they are searching for, and provide them a quick and easy way to get support right from the Landing Page.

Cuéntanos a qué tipo de público quieres llegar

Typically target audience is beween 25-55. They are home users and/or office executives who need assistance with their computer issues.


Desired Color Scheme
We want the site to use the colors from our logo, but also be done in lighter colors. Here is a link to our latest revision of the home page and colors should reflect this page:

Desired Style
We would like the style convey trust and honesty.

It should also be very professional and sales oriented.
Any experience with Sales & Product Websites would be an advantage.

Theme of product:
Immediate remote support through the internet. We can diagnose most issues right through an internet connection regardless of clients location. Pictures and text should convey a sense of honesty and trust that we can help our client with their issue in a very easy and efficient way.

Design and Layout
We leave it up to you the designer to figure out how the different elements should flow together, but there are just a few guidelines:
1. All content HAS to be above the FOLD unless otherwise stated. And all content has to optimized for a screen resolution of 1024x768..
2. Certain design elements need to have multiple variations created for split-testing purposes. The particular design elements that need variations will be mentioned below.
3. Other than that we are looking for you the designer to be creative and bring to us a Landing Page that draws the visitor in and causes them to interact with the Landing Page to get their problem solved!

Important page elements:

Heading / Subheading Text / Phone number
- Example Heading: "Have your computer fixed TODAY!"
- Example Heading 2: "Computer Crashing? Internet or Network Issues? Virus or Spyware Infections?"
- Example Subheading: "On-Site Computer Repair at your Home or Office!"
- Example SubHeading 2: "Try our immediate Remote Support!"

Graphic Banner / Image
- Pictures and text should convey a sense of honesty and trust that we can help our client with
their issue in a very easy and efficient way.

Section for Bullet-ted list of Features and benefits
- This section should connect somehow with the Lead Contact Form, It should point visitors
in an interactive way to the Contact form the solve the issues or the get the features that
are listed in this bullet-ed list.

Examples of Bullet-ed Items not all need be included:

1. Don't take your computer into a store
2. Watch while we fix it for you in the comfort of your own home
3. Up to 60% less expensive than The Squad!
4. Restore your Slow Computer!
5. Kill your Pop-Ups!
6. Eliminate your Viruses!
7. Resolve your E-mail Issues!
8. Solve your Error Messages!
9. We answer YOUR Questions!
10. And more!
11. Free Diagnostic
12. No Fix, no Pay Policy

Place to put offer (preferably around the form section)
- We will be split-testing various offers, so a nice image that
can have different text or a section that is small and stands out
next to the form with an offer is what we are looking for.

Section for Lead Contact Form (This Section needs variations)

This section will need to be designed with different variations, here are the variations.

1. A lead contact form, (Name, Email, Phone number, and description of computer issue)
example can be found at:

2. A chatbox window.. Must look very interactive a draw the customer to use it..
example can be found at:…e-techs-lp

3. A Click-to-Call Sign-up Form, the customer puts in their phone number and clicks
the connect button to be immediately connected to our techs.. You can see an example of
this also at towards the bottom of the page at:…e-techs-lp

Below the FOLD section:
- A section for us to put more text about our company and how we can help them.

Examples of Pages that we like and what we are looking for.…epair.html…epair.html

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