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Large Travel e-booking website design needed

Aperion necesitaba un nuevo diseño de página web y lanzó un concurso de diseño en 99designs.

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Cómo Aperion comenzó su viaje en diseño de página web

Nombre de la marca

Caf Tour and Travel

Descripción general

Since 1954 Caf Tours & Travel has worked in the field of tourism in Tuscany and the rest of Italy, becoming the oldest and most appreciated incoming operator in Florence.

In order to survive the growing competition in the market of tours and excursions services, Caf has decided to renew its website and make it able to become a business instrument. The new website will therefore be geared towards online booking and sale of Caf products.

The project is pretty ambitious. Starting from the new, fresh layout and the presentation of the products, the website must have the maximum usability and must communicate reliability and service, in order to ease the sale.

Cuéntanos a qué tipo de público quieres llegar

Our target audience are travellers interested in Florence and Tuscany tours and services, but also tour operators, travel agencies, affiliates.


The website will be developed in 5 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian.

Since it is an e-commerce website it will be integrated with a shopping cart, and must be organized to best present Caf services and products.

The layout must be sober and elegant, but fresh modern anyway. To be clearer, the website must have all the features of Web 2.0: round shapes and colored “glossy” buttons, for instance. However, in describing the characteristics of each page we will give some reference sites

The Caf Tour logo (attached below) should be “refreshed” to appear a little bit more modern. The dominant color must be blue in its different versions

All the buttons and boxes must be realized in text format (NO graphics), and they must be adaptable to the length of the content; the “Call to action” buttons must be realized in a bright and clearly identifiable color (i.e.: # FF9100)

We also need to be realized the following icons: “Best Seller”, “Special Offer”, “Original tour”, “Special Price”, “100% Guaranteed”

The “trust signs” (attached below) must be placed in all pages

The website's structure must be 2 columns. Maximum width: 1.000 px.

The website should be rich in details and very stylish. Usability is a must

Please have a look at the layout drafts of the pages attached. They simply show the information layout needed, but not the design

Número de páginas


Descripciones de páginas

You have to realize 3 different templates, as follows:

1. HOME PAGE - Width ≤ 1.000 px; 2 columns

● Header: high 150 – 160 px

We need a dinamic header, with at least 3 pictures of Florence and Tuscany. The pictures should be alternated thanks to a Flash application. You can use this website to select the pictures:

The Caf Tour logo (attached below) should be “refreshed” to appear a little bit modern and must be placed on the left side of the header; under the logo you should place the Tagline, combining as you wish the words: tours, Florence, since 1954

On the top of the header, on the right side, you have to place in the following order and in text format: Shopping Cart, Currency (dropdown list: USD, GBP, EUR), Languages

In the bottom right should be placed the button "All Tours and Excursions by Category". It should show the full list (only in text format) of all tours by category via a dropdown list. To get an idea of how it should look like, have a look at the yellow menu of the website:

● Left Column: max width: 180 px (textual)

It has to show at least 5 box (NO graphics, just text) and banners

1. Navigation by categories
2. Top picks (5 or 6 tours). Look at:
3. Trust signs: credit card logos, secure payment + “100% Guarantee” and “Original tour” icons. Example:, left column
4. Customer care
5. Login for Reserved Area

● Central Column: It has to be divided in 1 box + a dinamic list of tours ordered by Top Sellers.

Box: Why choose us (box with list. Look at Home Page)

Tours list: each box must contain a small picture and a short summary. To get an idea of how it should look like, have a look at the following websites:…&vatican=0…O-LH_H-2-6

● Footer: with textual links: About Us, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Site Map, Copyright, Company details


● Header: As the Home Page
● Left Column: As the Home Page
● Central Column: split into 2 columns

Selected tour details:

1. Tour Title + Subtitle + Short Summary
Title + Subtitle like:…aspx?id=41
Summary like:…&vatican=0

2. Framed Picture, like:…lage_Tour/
Max width: 500 px

3. Highlights (bullet list)
4. Full Description
5. Photogallery

● Right Column: 205 px (textual)

1. Booking Box, like the one on the website:…lage_Tour/
Under the “Call to action” button add the textual link: “Booking procedures”

2. Reviews
3. Most popular

● Footer

3. SHOPPING CART - Width ≤ 1.000 px; 2 columns

● Header: As the Home Page, without button “All tours by category”
● Left Column: just trust signs
● Central Column:

1. Breadcrumbs on the top of the page. Look at the attached picture
2. Textual Box with product summary. Look at:…IC&xos=tru
3. Discount coupon (textual)
4. Additional offers list

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Páginas web de ejemplo

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