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A dynamic French company specialised in ECOLOGICAL RENOVATION is looking for creative, talented designer to create mockup site layout (no code, just psd + jpg + png files required).

Please read the brief (it takes time to write in English!!), do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further information and... "bon travail" ! (=Good work)

Nombre de la marca


¿Qué te inspira y qué diseño imaginas para tu empresa?

- Hi there !
- We are looking for a design template for a web site for an ECOLOGICALRENOVATION company (we use only ecological building materials to reduce theenergy consumption of buildings).
- Our customers are mainly private owners (households) who want toimprove the energy performance of their houses but we have also publiccustomers (social housing companies).- Our main partner is an ecological construction company (have a look totheir website).------------
- General information : - Given that our customers are mainly householders, we need a design easy to understand and attractive
- Visitors need to feel our technical skills (Performance evaluation, Energy analysis, Thermal diagnosis) in the design, but they should quickly understand that it is going to be simple.
- Our business is based on ecological building materials and the reduction of energy consumption. So, we need to have a design that reflects the idea of ENVIRONNEMENT and NATURE. Plus, we have a real customer-oriented policy and visitors should feel something HUMAN and ETHICAL.
- The design should follow and complement the logo color scheme. It should be a mix of photographies and illustrations. See logo, card design and fonts links below (The image should feature the red and white from the color sample attachment - any complimentary colors are acceptable but we would like a simple design): documents
- 2 templates are needed- TEMPLATE 1 : only the home page :- Engaging to visitors (we want them to come in and stay!)- Eye catching layout
- Consumer and corporate appeal
- Trustworthy- The top of the home pageshould be a banner with the logo (1/3 left) and a picture (2/3 left with thefigures 1, 2, 3, 4 – our offer has 4 steps). Above the banner, add a box"Accès sécurisé” (private access as example(top, right)).
- Underneath the banner, I need ahorizontal navigation bar with 5 buttons (please not square!). Above the lastbutton, please add a box or whatever “Me rappeler” (=”call me back” see example4: on the right side, the phone).- Underneath the navigationbar, I need 2 columns for content, with a ratio of 25% left (with text: title“Actualités” = News), 75% center.
- NOTA: weneed two more buttons (pages dedicated to public customers and professionals). Theyshould appear on every page… but now, we don’t know where to put them! Pleasehelp!
- For the home page, take alook at our competitors’ websites. Example 1+ Example 2. If you have any innovativeideas, please do not hesitate! You are the design expert!------------
- TEMPLATE 2 : interior page (it will be just like template 1 except that...) :- … under the navigation bar, Iwant 2 columns for content with a ratio of 25% left (with images dealing withecological building : see example 3) and 75% right. Template 2 will be used forall of the pages of the site except for the home page
- . Once we’re all ok onthe design, we’ll need to duplicate the main template 2 in 4 examples (JUST CHANGINGCOLORS) with 1. predominantly red, 2. predominantly orange, 3. predominantlyyellow , 4.predominantly green. It’s an idea, we’ll see how things go and thendecide to have it or not.
- If needed, our local designer(in charge of logo design) can bring you additional information. Just ask ushis contact.

Lo que desea

- Design for home page + interior page (slightly the same)- Powerful (we have technical skills : Energy analysis, Thermal diagnosis)- Predominant ideas of environnement, nature and energy- Clear feelings of ethical and human business (the site is for and about the needs of the client) - Help clearly deliver brand message to incoming users (technical nature, ecology, energy, human)- Attractive and easy to understand- Engaging to visitors- Trustworthy- Clean modern design- Consumer and corporate appeal- Attractive colors - Easy navigation- Use of rich graphics to improve overall look of web site.- Psd + jpg + png files with exportable layers and text we can alter. - Build with best practice, build for different resolutions.- Visitors should not scroll up and down so we need enough room for content- In addition to the graphic images, the winning designer will need to advise what colour values, font types and component sizes are used in the mock up so that a coding team can implement without any deviation

No quieres

- Please avoid “transparency” and web 2.0 design (too close to skype, msn style)- Anything that will be hard for us to customize in the future if small changes are needed.- No dull colors, hippy or cheap or very self-help- Copys of templates, copys of other work- Childish- Inconsistencies

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