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Nordic Accounting

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Cómo NordicAccounting comenzó su viaje en diseño de página web


We are four companies in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland - the four nordic countries, who have started a joint venture which we call NordicAccounting. We are to serve the European and US / other international markets, with one brand. This will be the webpage which will ensure that people understand that we provide accounting, payroll and consultation services within the four countries.

Nombre de la marca

Nordic Accounting

¿Qué te inspira y qué diseño imaginas para tu empresa?

We need a webpage which makes an impression of a professional accounting/payroll/consulting services company which serves the entire Nordic Market (Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark). Legislation within each country is different, so we are four partner companies in each country which provides services for our clients as a single company. In this manner, a US company can have one contact person and get access to the nordic market and have everything take care of through us. We do also have an IT Services company, and can take care of specific IT-related needs which are related to ERPs, accounting, payroll and so on.

A professional design is the key.

More details on the business:

- Companies all over the world needs to have an accountant, and they also needs to have payroll services. All companies all over the world use the accountants to get monthly reports on how their business is doing, how much clients owe them and so on. Accounting rules vary from country to country, and as such, when a company in the US needs to have accounting done in Norway, Sweden, Denmark or Finland, they need to have acconting-companies in all of these countries in order to be able to do business there. NordicAccounting is an umbrella were US (and Asian, Africa, South American etc.), companies can get services done in all the four nordic countries, using just one single company.

- Payroll is also an important part of what we do. When a company, say a British oil company, has staff in any of the four nordic countires, they need to have help from a local payroll provider operating in that country. The payroll provider (us) takes care of calculating what is net salary to be paid out, makes sure all expenses are compensated properly, and that the right information is fed to the government.

- And then we do ERP-systems, meaning economic systems which takes care of the local requirements in all four countries. These are for example Visma, HogiaLøn, and others.

- And we also do consultation. Say, if you are a British or Indian company, and you want to start up a business in Norway, Sweden, Denmark or Finland, we will make it easy for you - by providing you with guidance on all the necessary forms to fill out, the right kind of company you should register as, how to get hold of employees, how you should run most optimally and so on.

So basically NordicAccounting is a one-stop-shop for all foreign companies (but also those in the Nordic region), who need a single company to take care of business within the Nordic region, be it within one country or all.

Example: the other day I had a Swedish client on the phone (I am Norwegian), who had problems registering for VAT (value added tax). I filled out the necessary forms for him and sent it to him for signature. In Sweden, these forms do not exist, but they do in Norway.

In this way, legislation varies all around the world. This is the company that helps you do business right in the four Nordic Countries.

Lo que desea

- Professional look
- Easy to find information - not overcrowded, but maybe a top-menu and a side-menu which presents products (accounting, payroll, consulting) - and the countries (norway, sweden, denmark, finland). Information can be found on the existing webpages,,,
- The coloration may be in the lighter area of the spectrum - we are in the nordic countries, which are maybe known for high quality, high standard of living, great welfare services and so on, but also a cold climate with ice and snow during the winter - maybe a blue/white coloration with blue/white effects
- People here are professional, loyal, decent and hard working
- It must be easy to find information on the page
- Elegant

No quieres

- Not too dark

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