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Outdoor clothing brand - new web design necesitaba un nuevo diseño de página web y lanzó un concurso de diseño en 99designs.

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Nombre de la empresa


Descripción general

We are an Australian swimwear and outdoor activity clothing manufacturer called Solarsuit. We have been operating since 1990. The fabric technology that Solarsuit has developed over the years has special unique properties that differentiate us from the competition. The first is our chloreen resistant fabric technology that prevents the fabrics from degrading with continued use in swimming pools etc (the trademark is called Chloresist TM) The other differentiating factor is the extremely high UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor +50) rating that our fabrics have. Given the high skin cancer rates in Australia, Solarsuit has become locally synonymous with outdoor sun-protective sportswear in Australia. We are accredited by

Though the company is called Solarsuit, we actually have two product lines;
- one under Solarsuit (R) which focuses primarily on swimwear and surf rash tops (for children and adults)
- the second product line called Solarcool (R) focuses on outsdoor activity wear for golf/tennis/sailing/walking primarily for adults. Solarcool has a unique breathable fabric technology that allows sweat from activity to rise to the surface of the fabric where it can evaporate – meaning garments hardly smell after continued use without washing.

Cuéntanos a qué tipo de público quieres llegar

The Solarsuit line mainly has swim shorts and tops, surf rash vests and all in one swim suits. Target audience for the solarsuit product range is:
infant (2-3 yrs)
children (4-12)
teens (12-18)
adults (+18)

The target audience for the solarcool product range is primarily +18 and is focused on polo shirts (short & long sleeve) zip jackets short & long sleeve, plus several other items that can be used across sport categories.

The audience is generally those who want really well made, tough breathable fabrics that protect the wearer from the harmful effects of the sun while still being a fun and cool brand to wear. Therefore, parents, particularly mothers are a prime target since they represent the majority of our customers.


We are looking to have 2 pages designed.

1) Home page for the Solarsuit company which should brand the company at all levels.
2) Product level page just for the Solarcool range.

We have a number of product images that could be used - attached. We have no real preference as to which images should be used - in fact if the resolution or aesthetics of these images do not work from a "design" point of view then we would be happy for you to combine with or use stock images where necessary.

Other requirements would be:
- to incorporate the ARPANSA/+50 UPF/ACT Cancer Council logos into the design somehow. But this is not absolutely critical if the design does not allow for it.
- the product page should have some kind of product gallery.
- the solarcool product page should be constructed in a way that allows for a similar solarsuit product page to be constructed later on i.e. elements of the page should be portable from one product line to the other (just with different images and text later on)
- maintain an outdoor activity theme.
- there should be a facebook link.
- we will likely translate the site into chinese very early on, so one or two images with Asian people may be appropriate.

Número de páginas


Descripciones de páginas

Both the home page and solarcool product page should have the same top and bottom navigation elements as follows:

Top-level navigation:
- home
- health
- buy now
- account
- language

Bottom page navigation should have
- about us
- terms & conditions
- legal
- contact

Its up to the designer to determine how the home page incorporates elements from both solarsuit and solarcool, and how the solarcool product page incorporates elements from just the solarcool product range. We have added Company profile and Sun-protection related info in the zip files attached below - for your reference.

In summary, our web site goals are:
- Create a unique fun and exciting outdoor clothing brand for all ages.
- Leverage the unique properties of the fabric technologies for those concerned/interested in Sun protection while engaged in outdoor activities.
- Create a point of sales.

Sitio web existente

Please use our existing site for reference only. I like it that the site has a scrolling main graphic which could be an interesting piece to carry over to the new design but I leave that to the designers. The attached files contain our images that can be used or feel free to use other stock images from elsewhere if these images are not hi-res enough etc.

Páginas web de ejemplo

this site incorporates the sun protective messaging around the products quite well - but it does not come across as a fun, aspirational brand. We could certainly take elements of this (like using the cancer logos / UPF +50 etc) but make it more of a fun place to shop.…sp?Cat=107

I like how this site combines the sun protective elements of the garments with an exciting and activity oriented product - but I do not like the massive amounts of text and extensive scrolling that the site uses.

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