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Redesign our designer handbags site / on-line store!

Heffe necesitaba un nuevo diseño de página web y lanzó un concurso de diseño en 99designs.

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We are a small handbags fashion designer based in Montreal, Canada. We specialize in designing handbags and other fashion accessories such as scarves, wallets, sometimes sandals, beach bags, etc. Lately we are also getting into clothing (but this is not yet on our existing web site). Our designer is of Vietnamese origin and makes "Asian-inspired" designs. Our stuff usually has an "Asian touch", like brocades, or shapes, or some warm colors. The Concubine registered trade mark is also our trade name and evokes stylishness of Chinese imperial concubines, as well as their delicate, classy and tasteful manners. Warm reds, delicate brocades, silk accents and subtle oriental clues is what we are looking for.

We do not wish to get a "chinatown" look, with everything red and yellow, nor do we go to market with low-cost and volume made accessories. Our products are all entirely hand made by artisans in Viet nam and this is decidedly different than mass market, low cost and standardized goods. Although our image needs to have an oriental flair, we do not want to go very traditional. We are looking for the young and modern side, while using some elements of timeless elegance.

Cuéntanos a qué tipo de público quieres llegar

Our target audience is young professional women that are in the fashionista kind of groove. By young, I don't mean teenagers, but more women that are after twenty and that want to purchase stylish (and not childish) designs. Our products are a little more design than mass-market, but not so high end that they are not affordable. We are not targeting the very high end thousand-dollar type of accessory, but wish to address the upper-middle segment.


I would like to obtain 3 page designs.

- One for the "home" page.
- One for a "catalog listing" page, where you select a category and see the products
- One for a "product detail" page, where we give pictures of the product, information, price, add to cart, etc.

Please use my existing logo, which you can extract from one of the attached PDFs. It's simply our name in a particular typeface/kerning...

The theme that I am looking for is a tasteful, young woman design with asian inspiration. Please make it look modern, with touches that exemplify the timeless elegance of imperial china and a qipao dress, or a vietnamese Ao Dai dress, or something of that nature. Please AVOID the low-budget "chinatown" red and gold look, as I don't feel that this sends the proper fashion message that we wish to have. As I mentioned, our look is asian-inspired, but our products are targeted to American/Canadian women, so it's important that they understand that this is made for them, and not reserved for asian women. As an example, think of some clothing that is sold in the US: American women might buy clothing that have asian touches like a "mao" collar or a nice patch of brocade as an accent, but they would probably not buy a real chinese qipao dress because they feel that this may be "too chinese" for them, or it would not fit in with their other clothing. This is the same idea with our products.

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For your pages, please keep in mind that we are selling our products, and not your amazing design (even though I'm sure it will be amazing!). So put graphical accents, but keep the user's eye squarely on our products.

* Home page: This is the page that a user visits right after he selects a language (our site is bilingual, so the first thing you do is select a language). This page has a title picture, a navigation menu to reach other parts of the site, an area where you can go to the "main" areas of interest (such as current collections), and sometimes an area where we put news or a special event, such as an upcoming trade show or fashion sale. Please have a look at our current web site to get an idea about our current contents.

* Catalog listing page: The requirements here are fairly similar to most online stores. We want to list categories, product thumbnails, price, etc.

* Product detail page: Again, this is similar to most online stores. This is the page where you land on when you have clicked on a particular product thumbnail from the catalog listing page. I am expecting to have more descriptive text for products than is available on our current web site, so please plan for some place in there somewhere. On most product pages, we have an "add to cart" button, a list of styles/colors available, some text, a price and one or many pictures. We also want a way for the person to zoom on a larger image.

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Páginas web de ejemplo

I think that sites like ShanghaiTang and BenzerWorld have beautiful and classy products, but I am not wanting to copy their site looks. You can look at catalogues like…-Final.pdf, for example.

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