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Need a sharp & professional design for a B2B Group Buying Site

Joe.patrick necesitaba un nuevo diseño de página web y lanzó un concurso de diseño en 99designs.

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The concept of BIZcounts came about after paying too much for business cards and seeing the current explosion of B2C group buying sites like Groupon, Living Social, and Tippr.

After talking with some business owners that sold their products or services to strictly businesses and not consumers...they told us that they had tried to get featured on other group buying sites but were told that they couldn't.

Behold...BIZcounts was born. Our mission is to leverage the group buying power that entrepreneurs, small business owners, and business professionals have to get amazing deals on various business products and services that will help them sustain and grow their business.

Often times, we will be introducing them to new products and services that they didn't even know existed!

Our culture is fun, yet focused. Playful, but professional. We need a design that communicates professionalism while demonstrates a powerful brand with the ability to truly help the small business community.

Cuéntanos a qué tipo de público quieres llegar

As stated above, our primary customer are small business owners and startups. However, we will have deals that can be utilized by business professionals as well.

Our customers are busy. They don't have time to go through a complex site and try to figure out where to go next. We need a solid design that is easy to maneuver and communicates the value proposition of that day's BIZcount clearly.


I'll keep this short as I believe our requirements are covered by what is above and below.

We need a crisp, clean site that is easy to maneuver and provides a professional look and feel to it.

The requirements for each of the pages are listed on the attachment provided, but you can easily see what other group buying sites are doing by checking them out (names are listed below.) That being said, we would like a distinguishable look to the site...again, appealing to the business professional yet fun to use and share with their colleagues.

Our company colors can be seen on the site as it currently looks. However, as long as the colors you choose are complimentary with the company colors and visually appealing...we're certainly open to seeing what you have!

In regards to the font text, we have not decided on one so we encourage your creativity. Please, no Comic Sans ;)

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The homepage (which doubles as the landing page) will be the most important as it's what everyone sees when they first arrive at the site. We need it to be clear, easy to use, and informative. Attached in a word file, are the requirements that we have. Please reach out with any questions.

The How it Works page: this page will let our users know how the site works (obvious.) There is a sample script for this as well in the attachment. We would like some artwork (or clipart) to illustrate the page in order to spice it up a bit.

The My Account page: this page is just a reference for people to go to in order to see their username, email, password, reset their password, and take a look at the BIZcounts they've already purchased. If we've left anything out, please feel free to add it in to the design you provide.

Login/Register page: we would like this to pop up onto the screen as soon as someone logs on in order to capture their email address. We want to have the ability to have them login as well if they've already become a member of the site. It may be helpful to include links on the homepage for this too because we do want them to be able to close the window (with an X in the top right hand corner of the pop up) so that they're not forced to provide their email address.

Sitio web existente The site needs to be more crisp looking. While it's a similar concept to or, we would like to have a way to stand out from the B2C market that is group buying.

We strongly encourage creativity on all fronts. We want the site to stand out as a site for business people yet still be fun to use and share with others.

Páginas web de ejemplo - we like it because it's clean and easy to use. - we like this site because it's clean, professional, and easy to navigate. - we like this site for the same reasons as the others.

As a reference for some popular sites, we prefer the layout of facebook over linkedin and prefer the layout of the new digg to the old digg (or reddit for that matter.)

Lastly, if you are not familiar with group buying sites, please check out,,, and for a bit of inspiration.

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