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Our Web Application needs a face! Can you do it? Prove it!

abrecher necesitaba un nuevo diseño de página web y lanzó un concurso de diseño en 99designs.

Un ganador ha sido elegido entre 25 diseños de 10 diseñadores freelance.


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WLS Boards

Descripción general

WLS Boards is a place where you can get all the information and support you need about a variety of Weight Loss Surgery possibilities. Here, you can explore procedure options, find answers for follow-up questions and build community through our extensive message boards.

While our sites are the largest and fastest growing resources dedicated to potential and post-op Weight Loss Surgery patients, what truly sets us apart is our investment in community and support.

Cuéntanos a qué tipo de público quieres llegar

WLS Boards and it's sister sites is a resource targeting Pre and Post-Op Weight Loss Surgery patients. Obesity does not descriminate. People around the world, young and old, tall and short, may be suffering from obesity. These are the people our Web Applications and Web Sites target.


WLS Boards is the parent of many community based sites that are dedicated to specific Weight Loss Surgery options. The web application that you will be designing for, will be run on each of our community sites. While the design will remain the same throughout our variety of WLS Boards, we will need to have multiple color options to match each site. The initial design will be based off of one of our WLS Boards. You can view to see an example of the color scheme that will need to be used, as well as the design that this application will need to work with.

We want the application to be fun to use, while still providing the viewer with information they want to see in an easy to read, easy to find manner. Have fun with the application design!

1) The Design will be implemented into the header and footer of - it must match nicely and appear to be a part of this site, rather than an add-on or plug-in that doesn't fit!

2) We need a clean and useful/functional design, but want our viewers to be EXCITED and ENCOURAGED to view more, read more and learn more!

3) We'd love the design to make use of icons to represent features that our application offers, for instance, reviews or messaging - these features could use an Icon to represent the feature!

Número de páginas


Descripciones de páginas

Page 1, Surgeon View Page: Will display Surgeon Information in a fun, useful and informative manner. Will show surgeons picture, surgeons address, website and phone number. Will display all information located at the link provided under existing websites.

As an additional note, some of our Surgeons will be Featured Surgeons, such as the one you can view in the Existing Website area. These surgeons will have a badge displayed somewhere on their page. If you can think of other ways to make these surgeons stand out more, then that would be excellent as well, though we will need the ability to show non premium and premium surgeons - so the design must take this into consideration.

Page 2, Patient View Page: Will display Patient Information in a fun, exciting and informative manner. Will show patients Before and After picture's, will display Patients location, surgery information and a brief story that the user may have. Should also show patients friends, who the patients surgeon is, and other information that's shown on the link included in the Existing Website area.

I've attached 2 photos that show some updates to the Patient View page that are not included in the link provided.

The files uploaded are meant to only show some of the content that is required for the patient view pages, it is not meant to provide any suggestion of design.

Sitio web existente - This is the new platform our sites will all be running on. The design layout will be the same, but the colors will change based on the site or theme you're using. - This is an example of the Surgeon View Page that we currently have. To be honest, we do not like anything about it! We need the information to be laid out in a useable, fun manner that showcases the Surgeons information! - This is an example of the Patient View Page that we currently have. We also don't like much about this, and want a more useful and creative way to display this information without overwhelming or boring the viewer.

The above views of our application are meant as an example of what to avoid in terms of design, but also meant to show you what information will need to be displayed on the pages you'll be creating.

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