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Cómo paul_ruksenas comenzó su viaje en diseño de página web

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Dynasty Effect in collaboration with Meridia Publishers -

Descripción general

I am Paul, co-founder of Dynasty Effect, which is a lifestyle brand with the attitude of do good to others and have fun in the process. We create and endorse various avenues of entertainment. Lately, we have involved ourselves in Publishing.

My father, Al, finished his long awaited novel "Devil's Eye". He is an award winning, two-time published author and this is his first work of fiction. It is an instant classic, a true delight to read. Amazing work of good vs evil.

My father has been in the game a long time and recently started his own publishing company.

The personality we are trying to get across is spy novel mystery. Below is the synopsis:

"In November of 1958 the presence of the Devil's Eye was gifted to the people of the United States. It pulsated an ancient curse.

Ever since then, the U.S. has had a procession of internal and external setbacks and tragedies that have changed the course of its progressive history.

Colonel Christopher Caine is a commando in the ultra-secret Omega Group, tasked to prevent the theft of nuclear weapons. Dr. Laura Mitchell, is a beautiful and self-assured scholar of French History.

Can they unravel a quick succession of bizarre accidental deaths of senior American officials before an inevitable nuclear surrender of America into evil hands reaching out from ancient times?"

Cuéntanos a qué tipo de público quieres llegar

This is an existing target market of fiction novel enthusiasts. The target audience of this book is 18-34 year old males and females. People that are looking for an entertaining read. Something that moves like a movie. Think "Da Vinci Code."


I have created a basic "wireframe" of the website to give you a nice idea about what direction we like. You can view it here:…c3rtrp/114

Want the background or the sides to really capture the essence of the book.

The middle is where the content will be along with the image of the book cover. If you can take the image of the book cover and make it look like a 3-dimensional book (book image), that will help your chances of winning significantly.

Choice of themes or backgrounds (no particular order):

-Similar theme as cover
-Creative inspiration from synopsis
-Background explosion
-Capitol Building (Washington, D.C. reference)
-Faces or people (Must be able to use freely)
-Desert Mountain Monastery/Desert

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Descripciones de páginas

Page 1: Home
An evil cult, spawned long ago in the desert wilderness of Egypt, has realized its goal.

The people of the United States have been gifted with the presence of the Devil’s Eye. It pulsated an ancient curse.

An infiltrator has risen to the highest levels of society to bring about the collapse of the American way of life.

Colonel Christopher Caine is a commando in the ultra-secret Omega Group, tasked to prevent the theft of nuclear weapons and ferret out world terrorists.

Dr. Laura Mitchell, a brilliant and seductive professor of French History, is versed through her uncle—a survivor of Stalin’s death camps—in old myths and legends.

Their acquaintance is welded when Colonel Caine thwarts a strange attack upon them one night outside the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C.

Through starkly different backgrounds and a smoldering attraction to each other, can they unravel a succession of bizarre deaths of senior government officials before an inevitable nuclear surrender of America into evil hands reaching out from ancient times?

Page 2: About the Author

His award-winning non-fiction Day of Shame (David McKay Co.), written under Algis Ruksenas, is about the unsuccessful defection of a Lithuanian seaman from a Soviet ship onto a U.S. Coast Guard Cutter near Cape Cod in the height of the Cold War.

The book and attendant publicity helped free the seaman from a labor camp in the former Soviet Union.

His book Is That You Laughing, Comrade? (Citadel Press), prompted President Ronald Reagan to take up referencing underground Russian humor as a hobby, noted by his speech writers in letters to the author.

His satirical play A Summit Meeting in Hell won first prize at an international Theater Festival held annually in Chicago.

Devil's Eye is a reflection of his many years of interest in people's universal fascination with witchcraft and demonology.

Al Ruksenas is a former reporter for United Press International, government aide, and director of an NGO ( non-governmental organization). His is a ghost writer, lecturer and author of numerous articles.

He lives with his wife, Nijole, in Northeast Ohio. They have three grown children.

Wireframe here will give you great insight on vision of website…c3rtrp/115

At the top you can toggle between the look of the Home page and About the Author page.

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