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Web Design for Young Growing Dynamic IT Company

nmoore necesitaba un nuevo diseño de página web y lanzó un concurso de diseño en 99designs.

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We are a rapidly growing and young IT Services company based in Sydney, Australia looking to build our first website before we embark on a sales and marketing campaign.

Nombre de la empresa

¿Qué te inspira y qué diseño imaginas para tu empresa?

We look after Small to Medium Businesses IT requirements with clients ranging from 2 users, up to 100 users. We focus only on this area of small business and have built up a great base of clients who are all extremely happy with our work. Our clients love that we are extremely approachable and can easily understand not only their IT requirements, but their business requirements to make sure the 2 tie in together. We have had our logo designed on here and absolutely loved the outcome. Unfortunately the designer isn't too experienced in HTML design so we couldn't use him for our website. He did kindly build the JPG image that is currently at which has got us through the first 6 months of startup, however now that we have consolidated all our initial clients, we are about to embark on a mission to grow and find more.

Hence, the next step of our growth is to build a fresh, new website in preparation for some marketing and push for some sales.

First off let me say that we usually try to be quite original and come up with our own requests, however in this instance, we absolutely love everything about this contest: If this contest hadn't existed, ours would have been pretty much the same as this (apologies to the owner of this contest if you feel we are copying!) We want a design for a website that will be 100% incoroprated into the Joomla content management system (the latest version), however we believe 99 Designs only allows us to tender the design part. After comments and messages from a few people, at this stage, it looks like we will be using as they seem to offer a fantastic service in cutting up the design and getting it ready for Joomla. If the winning designer has the capabilities to cut up the design and create a Joomla template out of it, we will talk with you first before going to

The winning design from the aforementioned contest is absolutely fantastic, and I invite that designer to hopefully enter this one as well. The areas for the main menu we need are: Home | Services | Clients | News | Partners | About Us | Contact Us. A call to action on the main page is a must (something like "Click here to contact us today" which just links to the Contact Us page. We also want a newsletter subscription box ("Business Technology Newsletter") on each page (possibly on the right hand side). The News page is going to be regularly updated with articles related to IT and Small Business (geared to the owners of small busuness). A shortcut to the top 5 articles below the newsletter subscription box with just the heading of the article which is the link to the article page.

We do not have any corporate photography, so please feel free to use something like and we will pay for anything that has been used. Our logo ZIP file can be found at

The look of our business cards it located at and

You will see from our logo contest ( ) that we provide loads of feedback as much as possible and will be doing the same on here. If there is any more information at all, please let me know and I will get it up here immediately. As this is a guaranteed contest, if we are not getting the results we hope for, we will extend the time, and if needed, post more prize money. However from looking around, it seems as though we have posted on the higher end of the scale for what we are after.

Of course, there is the possibility of ongoing work and even the possibility of a partnership in the future if we work together well. Offering web design as part of a complete package to our customer is definitely something we would look to in the future.

Lo que desea

- Fresh, Web 2.0 Style - Needs to be corporate/trendy - Ability to easily turn into RSS/XHTML/CSS - Very SEO Friendly - In line with the style of our business cards - White background - Ability to add/edit new sections if needed (hence enough room left in the menu bar for growth - Fill with Loren Ipsum text - we wil have a copy writer finish the text - Feel free to add your own little extras/recommendations
- Feel free to not just use IT related photos, use your creativity

No quieres

- Limit your creativity

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