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Web Site Design for Cherokee Memorial Park

Fire Up Media necesitaba un nuevo diseño de página web y lanzó un concurso de diseño en 99designs.

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Cómo Fire Up Media comenzó su viaje en diseño de página web


Wanted: A professional looking web site design for Cherokee Memorial Park and Funeral Home (CMP).

CMP is rebuilding their current site. Do not use any of the design from the old web site, it is being replaced.

The company is well known in the state of California for their departure from the traditional concept of a "grave yard" with their beautiful and spacious park like grounds where people memorialize departed loved ones.

The company is a first class operation well known for their artistic nature and priority to make the buildings and grounds as "inspirational" as possible.

Their stated intention is to have the web site we are creating to be the site the rest of the industry wants to be. From Fire Up's position, there will be two custom designed online applications bringing a level of user interaction which, to our knowledge, is not currently available.

To reward designers for their hard work, there will be three awards given out.

First, the Guaranteed contest prize of $750
A Second Place bonus of $250
A Third Place bonus of $150 (if applicable)

We do not want to stifle creativity in any way and will give client feed back ASAP. (The client has been informed of the need to be available for quick feed back.)

This is NOT a "coded" contest. However, Fire Up staff may raise concerns with CSS and HTML compatibility.

Nombre de la marca

Fire Up Media

¿Qué te inspira y qué diseño imaginas para tu empresa?

The target resolution for web site visitors is 1024x768. Therefore, we would like all designs to be a
maximum of 960px wide. This doesn’t mean
that your design must be 960px wide – only that it can’t exceed it.

Vector logo provided in link below. If you, as
designer, want to change logo colors, please submit one layout with current
colors _and_ one with the colors you are suggesting.

Central Visual Message is threefold:
CMP is not a "grave yard." CMP is a beautiful park for love ones to come.
- CMP has added inspiration with the
art, statues, bronze works, fountains, thought-out paths and landscaping. CMP
is "inspirational",
Very caring and very professional.The design requested should be “light” in color,
artistic, show the beautiful nature of the park, open (use of
"space"), classy and show the caring and very professional attitude.
Please note we have tried to kept the home page clean of required elements to
leave for more artistic site look.

Of special client expressed concern seen in the old
site; CMP is one company with a Memorial Park and a Funeral Home. They are NOT
two associated companies.

Navigation links for the front page probably will
- Home
- Immediate Need
- Planning Ahead
- Frequently Requested Information
- Cherokee Memorial Tours
- About Cherokee Memorial
- Search for Obituaries
- Search for Scheduled ServicesOn the front page, there are some specific content
items that need to be will be present:
- Banner
- Welcome Text
- Primary NavigationTo aid what can be a very trying and stressful
time, there are four client needs highlighted for quick solutions:

These areas can be highlighted in any way the
designer thinks appropriate for the proposed design. Please do not change the
"visual" order of these items, as the client has stressed the
importance of the order. The four
highlight areas *do not* have to be presented in a liner fashion.

The four highlights are the 4 main reasons people come to use the site and are:
- Find Scheduled Services and leave Obituaries
- Immediate Need Help
- Planning for the Future
- PricingThe content page will need:
- Primary Links
- Div or area for CMS Ordered ListStock photos are permissible as are images
designers may produce themselves.

Because much of the visual message involves the park grounds, we have
photographed Cherokee Memorial and uploaded images for designers to choose
image (s) they may want to use. Contacts are included to save designers time

Some of the photos are already smaller sized jpg
ready for the web. Many however are hi-resolution JPG. Obviously, the file size will show which is which.

Logos, photos, and artwork can be found here.

All photos are not water marked in case designers
want to change them for purposes of this design contest. However, Fire Up Media retains all copyrights to all
downloaded images; they may be used only for this site. Any other use is
prohibited with out written authorization from Fire Up Media.

Lo que desea

- 1 Home/Front page layout
- 1 Content page layout
- All graphics files provided in layered PSD
- Vector graphics formats provided if/when
applicableIf any stock photography is used, we will purchase
and provide to designer for final files. Photography from iStockPhoto
( or Crestock ( is
preferred, but depending on cost, we will accept other stock photography, but
it should be approved of in advance if an alternative cannot be used.

For consideration, please submit initial designs no
later than Thursday, 7 am, June 12, -7 GMT.

No quieres

- Nothing,
really … go conservatively wild

Paquete personalizado

750 $

Destacados gratis

  • Concurso abierto
  • Garantizado
  • Ronda rápida

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