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Ton Wesseling necesitaba un nuevo diseño de página web y lanzó un concurso de diseño en 99designs.

Un ganador ha sido elegido entre 56 diseños de 20 diseñadores freelance.


Cómo Ton Wesseling comenzó su viaje en diseño de página web


After our successful logo design competition ( we have been busy putting more focus on our services and thinking about what to tell on our webpage. This has lead to this contest where we would like our homepage designed, the subpages and the blog within the website. Website CMS will be Wordpress, but we only ask for the PSD files of your design (we will do the html and css ourselves).

Nombre de la empresa

¿Qué te inspira y qué diseño imaginas para tu empresa?

Orangevalley wants to become the number 1 online marketing optimization company in its home country. We are a consultancy company helping our customers to improve their user's "web experience" leading to better conversion rates. We offer help (consultancy and project management) on social media usage, persuasion marketing (getting them to click) and community / co creation (creating the right products and services) and will be able to deliver tools on the given subjects.

We are looking for:

1) homepage design

2) subpages design

3) blog design (overview and article pages)

The design should be based on our logo / business card which can be found at:…c_back.pdf…utline.pdf……

Be creative but most important is usability! People should be able to do what they were coming for without having to search where they would have to click...

For our website we defined 4 types of visitors:

1) My company has a problem in the field that you're consulting in: can you help me?

2) What services do you offer and how can they help me?

3) What clients / projects were you working for and what results did you managed to reach? How good are you (also white paper publishments etc.)

4) Who are you? I'm looking for your address, I'm interested in working at your company.

The concept of the website is based on these profiles and to always offer the option "how can i help you" (by input field to enter your phonenumber and/or email and your question). Every page should have (the same) footer with contact information. Every page should have the clear option to switch languages (website will be bilangual (Dutch / English)).


We need an outstanding design on this one. A design which clearly shows our logo, company name and pay off (Orangevalley web experience - the online marketing optimization company), but focuses on the "how can I help you" input option and the fact that every of the 4 visitor types immediately must know were to click to enter the part of the website that's interesting for them (be creative on this one, we have some ideas, but don't want to control your creativity too much). Besides this we need some space for the latest news headlines and a clear option to bookmark our rss feed or sign up for our newsletter. Finally a footer with our address / contact info. So:

- logo, name etc.

- input field

- address the 4 types

- rss bookmark

- newsletter sign up

- news headlines

- contact footer

- good place for language chooser


Once you clicked on some link or block on the hompage which tells us your 1 of the 4 types you will end up at a subpage. The subpage will have more content (text and pictures) with information that fulfills your needs. It should be very clear on what part of the side you are (1 of the 4 visitor type parts) and what other content you can find within this group on other subpages. The "how can we help you" input box should also have a good position on every subpage and you should also be able to click to the other 3 sections and again see our news headlines, bookmark our rss or signup for our newsletter. The design of these subpages can be different than the homepage design, but you should not get lost or think you are at a different website once you click from home to sub.


- content space

- where am i?

- what else to do in this section

- how can i help you input box

- what are the other sections

- rss bookmark

- newsletter signup

- news headlines

- contact footer

- language chooser

Blog pages

Within our website there will be a blog part (first for latest news, later on for employee blogs). The blog homepage / category / archive / search overview pages will have to look the same like the subpages, but need some extra design on article headers and will have extra content to show like categories, latest comments, tagcloud etc.

So: same as subpages, but translated to a main blog page.

The single article page should be designed too. Please put time in the comments part (with avatars), separated trackback / pingback sections and space for "related posts".

The "news" part of the blog will be bilangual (dutch / english), so the language chooser should be placed on the article not on the main page (the employee blogs are in Dutch).

Finally: every orangevalley employee will have a profile page (to be reached from the team page or the article author link). It would be nice to come up with something nice on this one.

Pages to design:

- home

- sub

- blog main / overview

- blog single article

- employee / author page

Lo que desea

- Clear design
- Bases on our logo / business card
- Designed for persuasion
- Great usability
- Homepage design
- Subpages design
- Blog design
- Fixed width design which fits 1024*768
- Scrolling height no problem (except for homepage!)
- PSD is enough (we will do the HTML and CSS)
- Original work

No quieres

- too much black
- oranges (the fruit)
- copycats

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