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Website for a Radio Host in San Diego Craig Sewing

Craigsewing necesitaba un nuevo diseño de página web y lanzó un concurso de diseño en 99designs.

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Radio Host of "REAL talk" Craig Sewing

Descripción general

I have a very extensive background in Real Estate...
Also- very much an entrepeneur.
Ive started multiple real estate related businesses, and am the founder of the Real Estate Radio Network.
I am also a motivational speaker, and host a radio show called "REAL talk"
My focus with Real talk consists of teaching people how to WIN. Much as it relates to current events, our financial markets, especially real estate. Right now, there is alot of misinformation out there...I am tired of the politics, Im tired of the negativity out there...The goal of Real Talk is to keep things positive, and to help people know of the opportunities that exist in ou well as the solutions as alot of people are going through tough times.
Im a very motivated guy, love GOOD business, love sports and being active.... and I believe people that Im surrounded with benefit from my well as rationality in an irrational world.

Cuéntanos a qué tipo de público quieres llegar

My radio station plays to a demographic thats a little bit older, oriented.

I definitely want this to incorporate a San Diego Skyline...


site: cool, hip, modernistic.

This needs to look and feel like the website of a very successful radio show.

the website needs to be about me, and my radio show.

I have some logos I will be attaching along with pictures.

The website is meant to be plugged many times throughout my radio show.

The goal when people go there is to get to know me, what I stand for...but also have a place that they can reach out if they have questions or concerns. ESPECIALLY about real estate! buying, selling, refinancing,...etc.

The goal is to have several places where we can create potential LEADS from the show for our sponsors.

We have a Mortgage Company, Real Estate, Credit Repair, bankrupcy...but we might ad more in the future. Again, the goal is to create a simply way for people to contact me if they have specific questions from things they heard on the show.

SOMEWHERE in all of this I need to have a place for my sponsors Diane Whitely Frank Kriticos

I also want a "listen live" button that links to where you can listen to live audio.

I will be getting sum new prof studio pics to add, FYI

Also- Ive had some famous people on this show...Somewhere we need to show their pictures, and a copy of their book or whatever theyve done. This brings credibility. For example: Bob Beudine, wrote the Power of WHO .

I can name several others!

Número de páginas


Descripciones de páginas

1. HOME PAGE- I a video that can be right on front that when people come to site its me talking about my vision. I want my logo (new one attached) at the top. KCBQ is the radio station I play on, so I definitely want their logo on there. and this page, as well as all pages need a "contact me" so people can complete, name, number, email, questoins or comments.

2. blog- I enter blog posts as it stands thru I need this integrated into the home page as a button "Craigs Blog" I would like a video on this page, and a "contact craig"

3. Real Estate Needs- this needs to be a button that gives people the opportunity to click. When it opens I want a page with a video of me explaining how I can help you with any real estate needs. Id like a contact form for people buying, selling, or refinancing their mortgage. Need contact form...also, Id like a button that states "Where are Interest Rates" where they can plug in contact info, it comes to me

4. "REAL Talk, 1170am" Id like this button to be where people can click and here all past shows. Also, a "comment on Craigs show- we'd love your feedback"

5. A contact button. People can click on, we put a video in there...and I simply invite people to contact me, with my info.

QUESTION: If I have 5 pages, can we set it up if someone goes into a page...they can then have options for other links?

Sitio web existente NEEDS WORK! I need this thing consolidated into a means that is more functional! its all over the place.
Again- the website needs to tell a story about me (visually and with some words), and create the opportunity to capture leads of people who have questions.

Páginas web de ejemplo and are my sites... but they need work.

please take a look at:

I want mine ot have a cool, hip, modernistic feel to it .

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